March 24, 2013

Dr. Steve Pieczenik: Corruption of The Catholic Church

 The image and style of Pope Francis has surprised many people. But image isn't everything. It is important to always be cautious of following leaders, whether political or religious, who go down to the level of the poor to gain their trust and consent. Pope Francis has done very symbolical acts that have gotten him positive press coverage. He knows the gullible people will eat it up and view him and the Church favourably, but he would be more truthful if he acted as his status and position demands. A Church full of pomp and pageantry is more honest. Posing as a transcendental figure of great humility isn't a virtue when it is politically motivated.

The history of Pope Francis isn't very good. Read, "Pope Francis’ Role in Argentina’s “Dirty War”. Interview with Michel Chossudovsky."

Dr. Steve Pieczenik gives his views of Pope Francis in the video below.

Steve Pieczenik: Corruption of The Catholic Church. YouTube Video Description - [Channel: Steve Pieczenik. Uploaded on March 21, 2013]:
An eye-opening exposè revealing Pope Francis' nefarious past and a call to action to the Catholic church and Catholic community of the world to renounce his appointment.