December 19, 2012

Zero Guns: Washington's New Big Threat Is Gun-Qaeda

Washington has changed its enemy from a tactic to a tool.

Terror is a tactic. It was the old enemy. Al-Qaeda is a dying external threat. With the death of Bin Laden it became a faceless menace. Internal dissent is the new enemy. The gun is the big threat now.

Gun-Qaeda is the new Al-Qaeda.

The pro-Obama Left is happy to hunt down Gun-Qaeda at home. Gun-rights groups like the NRA are being labeled "terrorists." You know what's next, right? Illegal detention of gun owners aka "domestic terrorists." The government will use guns against gun owners, and with that action they will reveal that their gun control agenda has nothing to do with stopping gun violence but with politics, worldview, and philosophy.

The brainwashed Democratic Left, which supports the indefinite detention provisions in the NDAA, has no problem with the authoritarian globalist government in Washington locking up American dissidents for rebelling against unconstitutional government orders. They only support armed-rebels in foreign countries.

A decade from now, CIA-Hollywood will make an Oscar-nominated film called "Zero Guns," about the Great Gun Purge in America.

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