December 8, 2012

When It Comes To The Middle East, USrael's Occult Elite Pretends Reality Doesn't Exist

USrael's occult elite has decided to mark the tenth anniversary of the illegal invasion of Iraq based on false intelligence and mass deception by attacking Syria, again based on false intelligence and mass deception.

The game plan is the same. The Bush Doctrine is now the Obush Doctrine.

After funding and arming the Jihadist insurgency in Syria, which has engaged in brutal executions of civilians and other war crimes, Washington is now finally ready to go to the next step in its long-planned aggressive war on Syria. The Obama administration is ludicrously hyping the non-existent chemical weapons threat to isolate the Syrian regime from the international community and justify a NATO ground and air assault against Syria.

If this feels like Déjà vu to you, you are not alone. But there is one major difference between Iraq and Syria. Washington's cartoonish depiction of Assad as an evil and thuggish man has not gained any traction beyond the dinosaur media and the mindless zombies who pay attention to it.

As a result of its failing media strategy, Washington has not build the necessary international consensus to legalize its criminal war against Syria as it did against Iraq in March 2003 and then in Libya a year ago. The international community is against a NATO intervention in Syria, and is fully behind a negotiated peace settlement in which the interests and wishes of the Syrian people are justly served.

So far, Washington's and its Jihadist terrorist allies have refused to engage in a dialogue with the Syrian government. They have done almost everything possible to destabilize the region and trigger a widespread sectarian conflict in Syria to collapse its government and increase the misery of the Syrian people.

There are reports that Jihadist terrorist groups, which are spearheading the opposition, will stage a false flag event involving chemical weapons to be blamed on Assad. Geopolitical analyst Tony Cartalucci writes in his article, "US, NATO, GCC-backed Terrorists Preparing Chemical Attack?":
While President Obama is busy talking about Syria’s chemical weapons, a troubling video appears on YouTube yesterday showing what appears to be a rebel group testing chemical weapons on lab rabbits, and threatening to use them against Syrian civilians on a sectarian basis.
The video displays the sick mentality of the so-called rebels, who have a beef not just with Assad, but with Christians, Shiites, Jews, Kurds, Americans, Westerners, basically anyone who doesn't believe and talk as they do.

The fact that Washington is throwing its whole weight behind these screwballs and terrorists is indicative of how cynical and depraved U.S. foreign policy has become in its post-9/11 phase. Washington has enlisted Jihadist terrorists to do its fighting, and selected representatives from Big Oil to lead a future U.S.-sponsored state in Syria.  

But what' really interesting is the complete rejection of reality and basic truths by Washington's occult elite and the dinosaur media. They have abandoned the realm of facts, logic, and scientific evidence. Instead, they have fully embraced magic. Their policies towards the Middle East are based on messianic fanaticism and irrational hubris.

USrael pretends reality doesn't even exist. Its high-minded officials have transcended history. They govern with the arts of fiction. Truth is so passe. Whenever they want to attack a country they make up lies about its leaders, spread panic in the international media, and then pose as the saviours of the world.

It is a scary thought that the world's only superpower is irrational, armed beyond belief, and hungry for endless war. People are afraid of terrorists getting their hands on nuclear weapons, but that is an artificial fear. Here is what you should really be worried about: the U.S. and Israel are totalitarian terrorist regimes with nuclear weapons and an aggressive policy vis-à-vis the rest of the world.

USrael is infinitely more dangerous than Al-Qaeda, a known CIA creation, and Iran, which does not possess nuclear weapons and has went on the record saying that nuclear weapons are forbidden under Islamic law.

Living in a fantasy world can be fun if you're a little kid playing with legos and action figures but when a government escapes the confines of reality then look out. Mass destruction, hell, and tragedy follows. Manipulating reality is serious business.

It is nice to pretend that reality doesn't exist but it does. Here is the reality: USrael is a savage war criminal that has lost its connection to reality, possesses hundreds of nuclear weapons, stages false flags like 9/11, and starts a new aggressive war in the Middle East whenever it feels like it.

What could go wrong?