December 13, 2012

The Great Turning Inward: Why Paranoid Conspiracy Loons Became Domestic Terrorists

"It is always the case, not sometimes, not usually, but always the case that civil liberties abridgements, abuses of core rights, extend beyond their original application to all sorts of unanticipated groups. And you can look at the history of the Patriot Act over the last ten years, which has been applied overwhelmingly - eighty-five percent of the cases - to matters having nothing to do with terrorism. Or you look at the FBI's strategy of creating their own plots and financing their own plots and luring people into their own plots and at the last minute heroically breaking up their own plots and then announcing to the world how grateful we should be that they kept us safe and yet again broken up their own plots. That tactic is now being applied to anarchist activists, to people protesting NATO policies, to the Occupy movement.

And what we see, most of all, and I think most perniciously of all, is the importation of war on terror tactics from what was once confined to foreign soil into domestic soil. So if you listen to U.S. national security officials who ten years ago, eight years ago, and even five years ago were saying that the greatest threat to American national security was Al-Qaeda, what they now say is that the greatest threat to national security are what they call "homegrown terrorists."

And so you see the civil liberties abuses of the last several years being directed not outward to foreign nationals, but inward domestically to American citizens. That's what the dilution of Miranda rights are about, the people taken in and arrested on U.S soil. It's what the NDAA is designed to do, which is to codify the power of indefinite detention on U.S. soil. It's what the paramilitarization of our local and state police forces, based on tactics perfected in Baghdad, is designed to do. It's what the increasingly rapid importation of drones is all about." - Glenn Greenwald [The quote is from the video, "Pres. Obama's record on civil liberties, war, detention, drones: Glenn Greenwald," at 13:37 - 15:32].

"If the myth of Al-Qaeda dies their whole new world order police state takeover dies. That's why they're trying to segway eleven years later and saying, 'We're done with Al-Qaeda, they're not the threat, it's the gun owners, it's the conservatives, it's the libertarians, it's the returning veterans.' . . . They use Al-Qaeda as the simulant to get you to give up your rights as the cover story of the enemy, and then they remove that curtain and there is the real object of the globalists' takeover: us. The American people, the people of Europe, the people of the once wealthy Western societies." - Alex Jones [The quote is from the video, "The Militarization of America," at 04:18 - 05:05].
We are witnessing a "Great Turning Inward" in the Global War on Terror by fascist U.S. authorities and their corrupt collaborators in the corporate world and in other governments.

The sword of the totalitarian state is no longer directed against Al-Qaeda, which is now unofficially a U.S. ally in the war against Syria, but against internal critics who are being labeled domestic extremists and homegrown terrorists.

Internal critics were dismissed by the establishment as crazy conspiracy theorists and paranoid loons but the truth about 9/11 has spread so widely in society that these terms no longer perform the function of thought control. The defeat of the propaganda system has put the tyrants in Washington in a tough spot because they want to retain control over the American people but they can no longer do so with word ricks and media brainwashing.

As a result, the failed terrorist state in Washington is making America a closed society with a vast secret police, domestic kill list, and military facilities that carry out torture and implement the policy of indefinite detention. Journalist Patrick Henningsen speaks about the shocking development in the West towards open authoritarianism in an interview on Russia Today.

Conspiracy theorists are being cast in the role of domestic terrorists by the power-mad authoritarians for two reasons. 1) As a punishment for being right, and 2) To scare people on the sidelines from speaking out and confirming what conspiracy theorists have been saying for the last several years.

It is a big risk for the fascist authoritarians in Washington to categorize peaceful dissidents as domestic terrorists and essentially destroy their humanity. Alienating nearly half of the population and scaring the other half into submission is not a good way to govern a society.

The totalitarian regimes of the 20th century at least had a somewhat successful ideology that guided their politics and mobilized their populations. Counter-terrorism is not a successful ideology. It is intellectually and morally bankrupt. Its cornerstone is the 9/11 myth and that has all but collapsed.

The end of the 9/11 myth has meant that no rational person is afraid of terrorism. That is why it is so interesting to watch mentally diseased U.S. officials twist reality so brazenly when they speak about terrorism. What world are they living in? 

For the crazies in Washington, the threat has never been external terrorism but internal dissent. Bin Laden was not the big catch. He was the psychological bait.

Glenn Greenwald, Alex Jones, and other social commentators are saying that the American citizen is the primary target of the totalitarian homeland security state, not Muslims.

The authoritarian vultures who hijacked America regard Muslims as the bones and Americans as the meat. They started by tearing away at the rights of Muslims in the war on terror for appearances sake but from the very beginning they wanted to sink their teeth into the flesh of Americans. Totalitarian laws like the NDAA allow them to do that. The post-9/11 citizen has been stripped of all rights and dignity by the acts of congress and the President. 

But passing laws is not enough. Normalizing and popularizing authoritarianism is more important. The industries connected to mainstream pop culture have been very helpful to Washington by culturally programming the virtues of authoritarianism into the public mind.

The film "Zero Dark Thirty" is a perfect example. It seeks to popularize torture, lionize military yes-men, and dramatize the official lie about Bin Laden's death in Pakistan, thus making the hoax more believable and digestible.

There a lot of true artists who make amazing films, but they work within the accepted boundaries of social and political thought which is why nobody has made a film about 9/11 truth. But Hollywood's embrace of totalitarianism and cultural engineering is not unique. Filmmakers in other totalitarian societies are similarly constrained by the ever watchful political authorities. Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Zionist Israel, Islamist Iran, and Terrorist America all have politically controlled film industries. 

When the deadly spirit of totalitarianism creeps into all levels of government and all layers of society it takes a catastrophe like a war or an economic collapse for it to die out and be replaced with a new spirit.

Since truth-tellers, whistleblowers, and dissidents are against the spirit of totalitarianism, their reputations and lives are sacrificed to preserve the status quo. They're labeled "conspiracy theorists" and "domestic terrorists" to delegitimize what they have to say. But this trick isn't working. It is insane to dismiss millions of people as "crazy" and as "terrorists."

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