November 22, 2012

Tymon Dogg: Dedication to Joe Strummer [Beyond This Frontier]

YouTube video description [Channel - VJnumber1]:
A beautiful original performance by Tymon Dogg from the 2007 film "9 Lives of Tymon Dogg" dedicated to Joe Strummer who Tymon shared a long collaboration and friendship with.The full film is available on a handmade DVD from the filmmaker Merrill Aldighieri at
Tymon Dogg (born Stephen John Murray in Formby, Lancashire, England) is a highly idiosyncratic English singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, playing piano, violin, guitar, oud and a harp of his own invention. As well as developing his own solo sound, he worked with The Clash and later collaborated with Joe Strummer in The Mescaleros. 
Tymon Dogg - "Beyond This Frontier"