November 8, 2012

Since Israel Owns The Track, Picking The Wrong Horse Doesn't Matter

Look at them try to look all presidential and prime ministerial. It's so cute.

There is shock in Netanyahu's inner circle. His guy didn't win. Read, "In Israel, Worries of Netanyahu’s Pro-Romney Stance in 2nd Obama Term."

But picking the wrong horse is not a big deal because the right-wing extremist government Israel owns the track in Washington. 99% of US politicians are slaves, but they act aggressive in public in order to hide their subservient nature from the American people.

I'm sure Netanyahu and Obama will make up and wage war against Iran together. Obama was never against a U.S.-Israeli attack on Iran. Obama has said on numerous occasions that he agrees with Israel's irrational stance against Iran, just not with the timing of a war with Iran. Now that he has been reelected by 30 percent of the American people, he can safely attack Iran without paying a political price at the polls.