November 5, 2012

Max Keiser On Being Accused of Treason: "That dog don't hunt"

Calling Max Keiser or Alex Jones a "traitor" is like calling the American eagle an un-American bird.

An excerpt from the article in The Independent called, Max Keiser: 'Barack Obama is clueless. Mitt Romney will bankrupt the country':
Of the many themes that Keiser returns to in his shows, one of the most interesting and incendiary is the relationship between big business and Congress. He has openly accused senior politicians of using investigations into financial malpractice as a way of acquiring market information so as to benefit themselves.

"Democracy is not well served by the current political configuration in America," he maintains. "The entire political establishment is designed around enriching a minority of people who have access to both information and capital. Take the CIA. They have recently opened up their services to hedge funds. Hedge-fund managers can now hire CIA agents to do research on pharmaceutical companies, defence contractors, or oil contracts."

I can imagine some of his compatriots regarding such talk, especially his accusations of endemic insider trading in Congress, as treasonable. "Treason is a strong word. My family arrived in America in the 1700s and was active in the constitutional process that led to the Declaration of Independence. I would answer that charge by saying, as they do down south, 'That dog don't hunt.'

"Nobody has a greater affinity for the founding principles of America than I do. But what the people with power are doing now is not remotely connected to the ideals of the founding fathers."
Alex Jones and Max Keiser are pure Americana. Telling the truth is an act of patriotism. Calling them conspiracy theorists and cranks is harmless, but accusing them of treason is over the line. It is plain incorrect, and, frankly, it is silly. Accusing government critics in the United States of working for foreign enemies doesn't work in our era. This isn't 1939. Times have changed. The tactic of accusing critics of treason is simply stupid. It would be a mistake for the establishment to use the loaded term "traitor" to describe Americans who are leading the global 9/11 truth and justice movement. They deserve the respect and gratitude of their countrymen and of the whole world.