November 16, 2012

Israhell Is Wiping Palestine Off The Map

Israhell assassinated the leader of its enemy, who was desperate to make peace, and then it tells Palestinians and the international community that it would be alright to have a ceasefire.

Israhell is committing acts of war but then it says it is only acting in self-defense and asks for a ceasefire. What a cowardly punk Israhell is.

Only morons would agree to a ceasefire in this situation.

What will a temporary ceasefire achieve? Nothing. Israhell will just break it again and assassinate another leader. It has already started the war, the other side must end it.

For those who believe Israel is only defending itself against terrorism, see: 9/11. It was a CIA-Mossad job. The real terrorists are in the U.S. and Israeli governments. They are the aggressors. They have committed crimes against Muslims AND Americans.

Israhell must feel what real war is like for the first time in its existence. Only then will it stop its aggression and stop starting wars. Being hit by a few rockets is nothing. WWII was a real war. Millions died. The Iran-Iraq war was a real war. Hundreds of thousands died. I want to see how Israhell will withstand a conflict of that nature.

Isrhaell can dish out pain, but can it take it?

Israhell has never been in a real war with a real enemy. It is a bully that picks on little kids. It will not last long in a real war. It will bend its knee. "Oh my god, the Iron Dome didn't work, the U.S. gave us bad technology, let's blame Obama."

Isrhaell must learn to face the consequences of its actions. It must answer for the crime of 9/11, along with the evil U.S. government.

Here is Arthur Silber writing about Israhell's strategy of slow kill:
Israel imposes conditions on Gaza and its inhabitants that necessarily result in a slow, long, lingering death. Unjustified but quick murder, murder which occurs in an instant, is a terrible crime. How are we to describe the crime that sentences a huge number of people to death, but does so in a manner that ensures the unendurable pain will last for years, that pain and deprivation can never be forgotten, that agony becomes the increasingly overwhelming component of a human being's existence?

I speak here of the necessary, inevitable final consequence of the policy Israel has chosen with deliberation and great care. Yes, people in Gaza still go about their lives to the extent they can. They still enjoy the company of family and friends; they continue to celebrate birthdays and holidays. They seize those rare, precious moments of happiness that circumstances allow. That they have moments of reprieve from the horror that ultimately awaits them does not make the horror imposed on them better. It makes it worse, infinitely, unimaginably worse. Israel's policy is that of a monstrous sadist, a sadist who finds hideous pleasure in subjecting its victims to pain that lasts a lifetime.

We are forbidden to say this.
This is evil of an unusual kind, evil that delights in its own cruelty, evil that seeks no end other than the satisfaction of watching its victims suffer for years on end, with a glimmer of hope offered now and then -- but solely for the purpose of making the suffering to come even more painful.

And there is no end in sight.