November 30, 2012

Gulf Feudal Lords Are Scared That America And Iran Will Make A Deal

You want war? Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

An excerpt from an article called, "US, Islamists and Arab Gulf states," by Abdulkhaleq Abdulla:
"Fourthly, from the Arab Gulf states’ perspective, two issues are at stake: How fast the US deserted old allies and how fast it now rolls the red carpet out to Islamists. The folks at this end are asking what the US is really up to and would it do the same with the visibly emboldened Gulf Islamists? More worryingly, decision makers in various Gulf capitals are asking, would the US also trade allies if it ever strikes a grand bargain with Iran, which is a top priority for the Obama administration in its second term? Where would that leave the Arab Gulf states? Flirting with Islamists is bad, but going for a grand bargain with Tehran is crossing an unforgivable red line."
This article expresses a popular view among brain-dead leaders in the Gulf states. Gulf feudal lords want America and Iran to fight each other, and want to see America destroy Iran.

What a bunch of idiots. They will lose the most in a USrael-Iran war. They should be begging America and Iran to get together and restore peace and calm in the region instead of telling America to attack Iran.

Experts agree that an American-Iranian rapprochement will bring much needed peace, stability, and prosperity to the Middle East. Any nation that tries to torpedo this pragmatic effort is working against peace, economic growth, and regional stability.

For analysis, read "The Grand Bargain," by Flynt Leverett & Hillary Mann Leverett.