November 12, 2012

FSA Terrorists Use a Mosque to Launch Terror Attacks

Nothing is sacred to these little FSA terrorists. They have the nerve to yell out "God is Great," while they indiscriminately shoot at people from a mosque. They deserve no respect. 

YouTube video description [Channel - Eretz Zen]:
Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis and the Islamist and al-Qaeda affiliated "Free Syrian Army" (FSA) terrorists have used mosques to store weapons, to position snipers, to launch attacks from, to plot inside, to organize gatherings, and then to booby trap when they feel surrounded and blow the mosque just to accuse the Syrian Army of attacking mosques knowing that many masses of Muslims would become infuriated just like what we witnessed with the cartoons and film controversy.

This is one of the first clips we managed to obtain of them filming it to please their clerics abroad and show their 'heroic' acts. One of the Wahhabi clerics last year asked them to blow up mosques if it helps demonize the Syrian Army.

by: Arabi Souri