November 28, 2012

France Is Helping Saudi Arabia Create "Dictatorial Islamic Zones" In Syria

 France, that great beacon of Western civilization, is sponsoring Jihadist terrorists in Syria against Christians, Alawites, Kurds, and other religious and ethnic minorities. France has joined the United States, England, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar in creating "dictatorial Islamic zones" in Syria.

An excerpt from Thierry Meyssan's article, "Welcome to the "liberated zone" of Aleppo":
Thanks to logistical support from France, the new authorities of the "liberated zone" of Aleppo are currently setting up a religious dictatorship inspired by the Saudi model. The reality is very different from the soothing declarations of Presidents Sarkozy and Hollande concerning the defence of liberty and the promotion of democracy.
An excerpt from Thierry Meyssan's article, "François Hollande Wants to Sponsor Islamic Emirates":
France claims to be at the forefront of the fight for freedom in Syria. In fact, she brazenly violates the basic principles of international law to fulfill her dream of re-colonization of a country she held from 1923 to 1944. This ambition has led her to support the creation of Islamic Emirates at the risk of opening the door to a world confrontation.

In his speech at the General Assembly of the United Nations on the 25th September, French President François Hollande confirmed his conviction that regime change in Syria was "certain", and that Paris would therefore recognise "the interim government representing the new Syria as soon as it is formed." He also imagined he would be able to choose it himself, by invoking the authority of the National Council, a puppet organisation created by the DGSE [1] and financed by Qatar.
France and other Western countries can't complain about the rise of Islamic extremism since they are training, arming, and financing Islamist extremists to bring down secular political orders in the Arab world.