October 14, 2012

USrael Vs. Iran: The Bully And The Cheat Team Up Against The A+ Student

The Ayatollahs are rightfully hated for their religious micro-management of the daily life of the Iranian people. But this is an internal matter. Other nations have no right to pass judgements on Iran's domestic state of affairs. Ron Paul's most basic foreign policy idea should guide U.S. policy towards Iran: mind your own business.

There is nothing more annoying than being lectured about life from someone who has his own problems. The same feeling exists among nations when one nation lectures the other. Watching the U.S. and Israel lecture Iran about freedom is really funny. It's like watching an alcoholic lecture a fitness fanatic about healthy living.

If the United States and Israel were models of good government then their case against Iran would be much stronger. But one is an international bully and the other is a proud cheater. Instead of minding their own business, they're picking on the A+ student in the class. Iran has been the teacher's pet in its relationship with the IAEA. It has been too nice and submissive.

Iran has done everything right and given the IAEA everything it wants. And yet the IAEA is acting like Iran is the bad one. Any child can see that the IAEA is lying. The Ayatollahs need to stop following stupid orders and kick the IAEA out because it is defending the bully and the cheater. Iran must stop kissing the IAEA's ass and gain its independence from this dishonest, criminal, and corrupt agency.

Iran can learn something from Israel, and tell the IAEA to get the hell out of the country. Israel was wise to never let the con artists who run the IAEA into their kingdom.