October 8, 2012

U.S. Policy: Gas Up Radical Islamists Just To Blow Them Up

As a result of its policy of arming Jihadists in Syria who behead people they disagree with, Washington is destroying the credibility of its most basic anti-terror claims that it made after the 9/11 false flag.
"The contradictions in U.S. foreign policy couldn't be clearer than in Syria. The U.S. is supporting Jihadist terrorists and thereby putting to death the biggest fable in its war on terror mythology: Radical Islam is a threat to America and Western civilization.

The absurdity of the media fables is too much to ignore. The collapsing 9/11 mythology and NATO's war on terror consensus is irreversible. More people believe in flying unicorns than the official fable of 9/11." - "Troubling Syrian Revelations Destroy The Fables of The War on Terror Mythology."

"The historical record shows America and Israel have funded, armed, and used radical Islamist groups like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood in order to counterbalance the rise of nationalist movements as well as to advance their geopolitical aims and political narrative in the Middle East.

America and Israel have even created fake transnational Islamist groups like Al-Qaeda to control the message getting out of the Middle East and direct Muslims towards supporting Islamic extremism and perpetual warfare with the West.

The channeling of the creative energies of the Middle East by America also includes the financial and diplomatic support of color revolutions and popular uprisings that pose no real threat to the new world order power structure and the Western central banking dictatorship." - "5 Facts That Prove Radical Islam Is A Child of American-British-Israeli Intelligence."
The thirst for destruction is what drives USrael's Middle East policy, not the quest to defend democracy and civilization against terrorism and rogue states.

As a result of its policy of arming Jihadists in Syria who behead people they disagree with, Washington is destroying the credibility of its most basic anti-terror claims that it made after the 9/11 false flag.

The right-wing hawks and left-wing warmongers in the United States both defend the policy of regime change in Syria, and believe that the costs in human life and damage to Syria's national infrastructure are worth it.

The inconsistency in U.S. positions and rhetoric is ruining America's image. The same country that defeated Nazism and the Soviet Union in the last century, two of the greatest foes in history, is committing national suicide in this century. U.S. leaders, once respected and admired, are becoming isolated on the international stage because of their pro-terrorism policies.

How can Republicans honestly be against the Islamic radicalization of the Middle East when they publicly support the arming and financing of Jihadist fighters in Syria? Are these politicians insane? Do they actually believe their own propaganda?

The Syrian people are protesting U.S. and NATO meddling in their country because they do not want their society to be ripped apart and destroyed under the guise of "supporting democracy and freedom."

The anti-Assad camp has ceased to defend the morality of their cause. A Jihadist terrorist even admitted to the New York Times last week that, "We use means only used by the devil."

Forget supporting the devil and democracy in Syria---how about supporting life? U.S. policy makers and leaders do not respect the sanctity of an individual life so they embrace terrorism, sanctions, war, and mass murder as tools to accomplish their political vision for the Middle East, without feeling any guilt whatsoever.

After Assad is gone, the new official U.S. line will be: "Let's remove those dangerous Jihadists and radical Islamists, let's blow them up," which extends the cycle of war yet again. This is what is happening in Libya and across the region. Washington is cleaning up a mess of its own making, and it is happy to do so because it always needs new justifications to portray its occupation of Muslim countries as legitimate.

And Israel and Saudi Arabia like it this way because without big daddy America at their side tucking them into bed every night they wouldn't be able to go to sleep. But the problem is not Israel or Saudi Arabia. The problem is Washington's corruption and cowardice.

The schizophrenic Empire has so much power that it doesn't know what to do with it. All it knows is war and terror. Peace is its ideological enemy; not Islam, the Taliban, Assad, Al-Qaeda, or Iran. 

The people who are constructing and controlling U.S. foreign policy are war criminals and mass murdering maniacs. It is obvious that a hardcore group of sadists and genocidal terrorists have taken over the United States and Israel. They have no principles and regard the vast majority of humanity, including their own populations, as worthless animals.

Barack Obama is somewhat rational because he has not fully committed himself to Israel's foolish rhetoric about Iran, but the U.S. right-wing is dangerously irrational and openly a servant of the fascist terrorist state in Israel.

The Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney does not even bother to hide the fact that he defers to Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu on Middle East issues. Romney is putting the interests of Israel first and wants America to remain a slave.

If the American people elect Romney in November they will be essentially saying to Israel, "Sacrifice our sons and daughters, my Master."

Romney Supports Al-Qaeda in Syria!