October 15, 2012

The Privileges of Power: U.S. Is Trading With The Iranian Enemy

Sanctions? Who said anything about sanctions?

An excerpt from an article at Moon of Alabama called, "EU Increases Sanctions On Iran While U.S. Increases Trade":
"The U.S. wants to achieve regime change in Iran. It presses for Europe to adopt more sanctions and to cease all trade with Iran. At the same time it is using the loopholes in its own sanction regime to increasing its trade with Iran."
Former Vice President Dick Cheney wanted to trade with the enemy in the 1990s:
"Vice President Dick Cheney, who has called Iran "the world's leading exporter of terror," pushed to lift U.S. trade sanctions against Tehran while chairman of Halliburton Co. in the 1990s. And his company's offshore subsidiaries also expanded business in Iran." [Fox News, Cheney Pushed for More Trade With Iran, October 9, 2004]. 
The U.S. government is speaking out of two sides of its mouth. It is enforcing civilian-killing sanctions against Iran, but under the table it is making lucrative deals with Iranian companies at rock bottom prices. 

In both the United States and Iran the rich and the powerful are laughing while the poor peasants and middle classes are suffering and dying. That's government for you: a criminal class making money hand over fist and distracting their millions of victims by pointing to the Outsider and the Enemy and saying they are the cause of all the problems in the country.

Both the U.S. and Iranian ruling elites are bastards. They're not patriotic elites. They don't care about the long-term health of America and Iran. 

Here is what I see: America is being sacrificed for Israel, and Iran is being sacrificed for Palestine.

Do you want my take on all of this?

I care more about the security and prosperity of Iran and America.