October 18, 2012

Resistance of The Drones - Israel Did Not React To The Drone - Resistance Girl

An eye for an eye, a drone for a drone.

Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's remarks about the drone [October 11, 2012]:
"First of all, regarding the drone, we witnessed unique operation in the history of Lebanon and the region. The Resistance claims responsibility for the operation. The Resistance in Lebanon sent a sophisticated reconnaissance drone from Lebanon toward the [Mediterranean] Sea, which it crossed for hundreds of kilometers, before it entered [Israeli airspace] and hovered over many important locations before it was discovered by the Israeli air force. Today, [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu held Hezbollah responsible for [sending] the drone.

The drone was not Russian made, but Iranian. It was [assembled] in Lebanon. [It] took off in the specified trajectory for hundreds kilometers and arrived in an area close to [Israel’s] Dimona [nuclear] plant. As for the Israeli [claims] that they discovered it over the sea and [forced it over] land, I say they are lying to their people.

The achievement [was to make] the drone fly all this way in an area full of US-Israeli-UNIFIL [air defense] systems. The shoot down of the drone was natural and expected. We will leave it for the Israelis to sit down and [discover] the drone’s abilities to gather information… We are revealing part of our capabilities and concealing many others.

In light of this event we recall the over 20,000 Israeli violations [of Lebanese airspace] at the time when the government is unable [to prevent the violations] and the international community is silent. It is our natural right to launch other reconnaissance [operations] to occupied Palestine whenever we want. This will not be the first time and not the last. We stress that we can reach any [location] we want."

Title: Israel Did Not React To The Drone - Resistance Girl. Source: 108morris108.