October 6, 2012

Paralyzed In The OR: America Needs Political Surgery, Not Another False Election

2012 U.S. Presidential Election: style over substance; appearance over character; illusion over reality.
"In a sense 9/11 was unprecedented – the greatest mass murder ever committed in one day on U.S. soil. In another sense it represented an example of the kind of signature event with which we have become only too familiar since the Kennedy assassination. I have called these events deep events – events deeply rooted in illegal covert activity in various branches of US intelligence and with a predictable accompanying pattern of official cover-ups backed up by amazing media malfunction and dishonest best-selling books. Some of these deep events, like the Kennedy assassination, Tonkin Gulf, and 9/11, should be considered structural deep events, because of their permanent impact on history." - Peter Dale Scott, "Intelligence cooking by the Deep State."

"We could be moving toward a devastating war, possibly even nuclear. Straightforward ways exist to overcome this threat, but they will not be taken unless there is large-scale public activism demanding that the opportunity be pursued. This in turn is highly unlikely as long as these matters remain off the agenda, not just in the electoral circus, but in the media and larger national debate." - Noam Chomsky, "Issues That Obama and Romney Avoid."
"Once law and the Constitution could be side-lined, the regime could escape war criminal accountability for its wars of naked aggression. President Obama won the presidential election, because voters expected him to stop the wars, stop the torture, and to hold the Bush regime criminals accountable.

However, Obama found the new powers convenient and held on to them and expanded them. He refused to hold the Bush regime criminals accountable. He had the illegal and unconstitutional powers asserted by the Bush regime codified in US law. And Obama asserted new powers—the right to murder American citizens of whom he was suspicious, without due process of law. What the Bush and Obama regimes have done is to turn the United States into a Gestapo-like police state. Prior to Bush/Obama it was illegal for the government to spy on Americans without cause presented to a court, which, if convinced, would provide a warrant. Now every aspect of Americans’ lives are routinely watched, their movements, their emails, their internet usage, and even their purchases. Not only are air travelers subjected to intimate searches, but train and bus travelers too, and car and truck traffic on interstate highways is stopped and searched. There have been no terrorist attacks on trains, buses, or highway travel. Yet, the freedom of mobility in the US has been compromised even more than it was in the Soviet Union with the system of internal passports." - Paul Craig Roberts, "World Without Torture: The Responsibilities of the West."
U.S. national discourse has deteriorated to a level that is beyond laughable, but the good thing is that this is the end times for a false and illegitimate two-party political system. The Republicans and Democrats have presided over the Sovietization of America and turned its core national principles upside down in an effort to wipe clean the legacy of the American Revolution in 1776.

But the quest for freedom is unstoppable and there is nothing that the Republicrats can do to limit the genius of the American people and constrain their will.

There is a growing consensus within the global alternative media that we are witnessing the end of the brutal and illegitimate totalitarian political system in the United States. The worthless debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney on Wednesday night further solidified this opinion.

Both candidates ended up agreeing with each other more often than not, proving once again that the left-right political debate is a false and illegitimate representation of American public opinion. Deep down, on a very basic human level, both men probably recognize the fact that they are two different masks with little political difference between each other. They were arguing about small details and opaque policy prescriptions throughout the whole debate, not their grand visions for America. This shows that only superficial appearances matter in this election. It is a grown-up version of a beauty pageant.

We must ask if these men are not natural leaders then what are they doing on the biggest stage in America and world politics? The question of leadership did not come up in the debate. It didn't need to be asked. Obama and Romney are neither a Washingtonian leader nor a Lincolnesque leader. Their identification with the two major political parties that have horrendously betrayed the American people naturally disqualifies them from national leadership in this new period in American history.

The absence of original and visionary solutions to America's economic and foreign policy problems in the debate serves as a reminder about just how deeply in trouble America is at this bleak moment in its history. But there is hope because America produced leaders in past national crises, and it will do so again in our time.

New American leaders are emerging in alternative political parties that are challenging the tyrannical status quo with the force of public opinion behind them. Figures such as Gary Johnson, Jesse Ventura, Jill Stein, and Cynthia McKinney are more popular in the grassroots of America than Romney and Obama.

The  popularity of both Republicrat leaders is being artificially maintained by the corrupt media and politicized polls. The size of crowds at their rallies is dismal. It is easy to inspire passion in a country for a short while by repeating the words "hope" and "change" over and over again, but this is an act of mass hypnotism, not leadership. There is no such thing as leading by rhetoric. True leaders care about preserving the long-term health of their country, not the confidence of voters for the next election.

The fact that Obama's rise to power would not have been possible without the propagandistic aid of the media is a testament to the weakness of Obama as a leader. A true leader does not need the media to prop him up. A true leader rises out of the ruins of a nation and out of the depths of its national soul.

Luckily, there are many leaders in America who want nothing to do with the two identical and collapsing political parties. As Cynthia McKinney told Paul Craig Roberts in a recent interview, "We don’t have to go very far to find the authentic leadership that this country needs at this very moment. The leaders we need already walk among us."

Obama and Romney are clearly not leaders. They might as well be invisible because they are not saying anything that is valuable, worthy, and real. If they disappeared from America's national life tomorrow they would actually do more good than they are right now.

Let's hope both men drop out of the race with dignity and class, and make way for the true leaders in America who are not affiliated in any way with the diseased Republican and Democratic parties.