October 3, 2012

Obamayahu: The Face of 21st Century Terror

Obamayahu: The Face of 21st Century Terror.

American President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are the faces of the most rotten, tyrannical, evil, and criminal regimes on Earth.

Some people will object to the name "Obamayahu," on the basis that there is a big rift between the two men, but they both defend the 9/11 myth, so, technically, they're on the same page as far as the "war on terror" goes.

9/11 is the knot that locked the destinies of America and Israel in a very radical way, and until it is untied by the hands of the American President, there will be no change in the crazy relationship between the two countries.

After eleven years, 9/11 remains the center of USrael's politically manufactured anti-terror cosmology. On that fateful day in September, the criminal governments in America and Israel hijacked the international community by using their false flag terror event to colonize the global mind and justify aggressive wars across the Middle East.

9/11 is seen as the high-point in the history of USraeli state terrorism, but if neocon terrorists like Patrick Clawson have their way, the world will see a sequel to 9/11. Perhaps even a nuclear 9/11. Clawson's exact words were: "We could get nastier." Yeah, I bet, because they're crazy as hell.

Ever since 9/11 the unpopular governments in the U.S. and Israel have tried every trick in the book to take the issue of Palestinian self-determination off of the front pages and public radar, and they have been successful, sadly.

If Washington and Tel Aviv are not hyping the Al-Qaeda threat, they're adding fuel to the fake Iranian nuclear crisis. Concepts of justice, peace, honesty, morality, ethics, and freedom are foreign to the governments of the United States and Israel. They have grown accustomed to the language of terror and deception.

The heroic efforts of the global 9/11 truth and justice movement have significantly altered the beliefs and opinions of humanity, but Obama and Netanyahu do not care about global public opinion. Obama and Netanyahu are happy to betray their own countrymen in America and Israel, so screwing over the rest of the world doesn't even register on their minds.

Obama, a global black icon, and Netanyahu, the leader of the Jewish people, are reversing the legacies of their peoples' struggles against tyranny by demanding that they support tyranny in the Muslim world. Historically, blacks and Jews have been oppressed, persecuted, stigmatized, brutalized, killed, and enslaved. Their suffering runs deep.

So it is a huge shame that the masters of Obama and Netanyahu have piggybacked on the historic suffering of black people and Jewish people to carry out their evil agenda of terror, war, oppression, and mass murder in the Middle East.

Isn't it ironic that the faces of 21st century terrorism and tyranny are black and Jewish? Someone is playing a dirty joke on the human race. The most oppressed peoples in history are being represented by two of the biggest con artists and war criminals ever born: Obama and Netanyahu.

Former Congresswoman and presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney addressed Obama's betrayal of black people and the civil rights movement in an interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, the former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration. McKinney said:
"The policy of killing that is being carried out by President Obama has wiped out all of the moral credit that Black America accrued over their years of resistance to slavery, Jim Crow, racism, poverty, and militarism."
Obama is the opposite of Martin Luther King Jr., but if you criticize him you are labeled a racist. And if you criticize Netanyahu you are labeled anti-Semitic.

As a consequence of the selection of Obama to the highest office by the clever U.S. power elite, there has been an accelerated pace of destruction of free speech in America. During Obama's four-year tenure as President, the tradition of tolerance of diverse opinions in American culture has been replaced with totalitarian worship and mindless defense of Obama's image and policies.

According to the backward U.S. government, only terrorists tell the truth. Good citizens shut the hell up. Shedding light on Obama's forged birth certificate and his support for indefinite detention without trial is deemed an act of "domestic extremism" that is only engaged in by "conspiracy theorists."

Soon, the entire U.S. electorate will be considered "conspiracy theorists" and elections will be banned because conspiracy theorists won't be allowed to vote and voice their opinion. "You believe a third party candidate can actually win? Oh my god, you're a conspiracy theorist."

The life-destroying effects of censorship, state propaganda, and television mind control are hard to fathom. But silence in the presence of this collective madness is the worst response. The mainstream silence about 9/11 is haunting.

Why aren't more American blacks, American Christians, and American Jews speaking up about the fact that they've been hijacked by monsters, con artists, and war criminals who are covering up the truth about 9/11 and leading humanity to World War III?

American blacks and American Jews are moral, honest, and intelligent people, but they have been blinded and as a result they do not see that they've been betrayed by their dishonest leaders. Bush used the Christian right to get elected, and Obama relied on Black democrats to carry the vote. Obama deviously used the memory of black slavery and the civil rights movement as a ploy to become President, and, in turn, the giddy black community has given him pass after pass, despite the fact that he is not working for their best interests.

Black and Jewish support for evil, war, oppression, and terrorism must end. They have a responsibility to humanity. American blacks must say no to Obama with conviction, and return to the examples of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. If they choose to remain blind and defend evil then shame on them.