October 19, 2012

Lebanese Intel Chief Assassinated - Who did it? - Lebanese Girl

Here is more info about the blast in Beirut that killed a high-level Lebanese intelligence/security official. The Angry Arab writes:
Update: he is dead.  It has been confirmed that Hariri security chief (and coordinator of Saudi intelligence work in Lebanon), Wisam Al-Hasan has been targeted in Beirut explosion.  A reporter on the scene reports that Hasan has been seriously injured.  Al-Hasan has been tasked with Saudi intelligence of facilitating arming and funding of Free Syrian Army from Lebanon.  His name has been linked with the ship, Lutfallah II, which was intercepted as it carried arms to Syrian rebels in Lebanon.  This former bodyguard of Rafiq Hariri quickly rose in rank and became the head of a predominantly Sunni security apparatus (Shu`bat Al-Ma`lumat, or Intelligence Branch) which has received tens of millions in US covert funding.  Hasan was first suspected in the Hariri assassination because he was absent that day and because he had long-standing ties with Syrian intelligence.  He told the Hariri investigators that he was studying for an exam that day.

PS Western media will NOT report another angle to the story: that Hasan's Intelligence branch has been responsible for catching scores of Israeli spies and terrorists in Lebanon.

PPS  This is the third assassination (or attempt) to target chiefs of the Intelligence Branch.
In the video below, Lebanese Girl speculates that the Mossad and/or the CIA did it, saying, "they have done it before," and that, "this is not something that someone who really cares about the country and the stability of the country would do."

Source: 108morris108.