October 8, 2012

Chained By The Myth of Blowback: Why Progressives And Libertarians Are Blind To 9/11 Truth

The thesis of blowback, as defined and popularized by the late Chalmers Johnson, is, at its base, an inaccurate representation of reality and as a result it will not stand the test of time and the force of events.

The propaganda about the September 11 events, which ascended like a dark sun in the hours and days after that shocking tragedy, is a falling shadow over the mind of Western man eleven years later. The people of America, the West, and the world increasingly recognize that the official story lacks intellectual and scientific integrity.

Plus, the meaningless term "conspiracy theory" has lost its power to direct public opinion away from the disturbing conclusion that elements within the U.S. and Israeli governments were responsible for 9/11. This massive change in global public opinion is connected to the fact that the mainstream Western media has lost its former ability to shape global public consensus about historical events and world issues.

The insulting and comical performance of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the United Nations in September is further proof that the right-wing government in Israel is losing its credibility and can no longer manage the global narrative. 

The terrorist state in Washington is also losing credibility because of its record of lying about the nature of its presence in the Middle East. Any understanding of the political and military gridlock in Syria, as well as the recent protests in Libya and throughout the Muslim world, must be based on the truth that radical groups like Al-Qaeda and Islamic fanaticism in general has Western roots. To be more precise, Islamist groups have roots in the secret societies that control Western intelligence agencies, the American film industry, and the Western media.

The U.S. position in the Middle East is beneficial to the secret societies and inherently opposed to the collective interests of the American people. The American people are never factored in when foreign policy planners at the CFR and other internationalist public policy bodies decide on a certain course of action for the United States.

The recent reaction to pro-false flag comments made by a Middle East analyst at a pro-Israel think tank in Washington called the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) is refreshing. If the American people are sufficiently informed then there is no question that they will take back control of their country's foreign policy and steer it on a more rational course.

But as of now, insane war criminals remain in charge in Washington and Tel Aviv, and a new false flag to trigger a full-scale U.S.-Israeli war against Iran is on the table. Anti-war progressives and libertarians who defend the official 9/11 lie and stick with the myth of blowback to explain the 9/11 attacks need to rethink their assessment of 9/11 conspiracy theories.

The 9/11 events cannot be explained away as simply an instance of "blowback"; such thinking has the effect of trivializing a great historical crime that produced many other horrible crimes, all done in the name of the American people.

The 9/11 crime effectively ended, at least for the time being, long-standing Western notions of liberty and human rights. As Professor Peter Dale Scott wrote in his article, "Intelligence cooking by the Deep State":
"Starting in 2001, both law and freedom have been progressively eroded. International comity, which depends on each state not doing to others what they would not want done to them, has been supplanted, at least for a while, by U.S. unilateral military engagement without constraint, acting without fear of retribution."
The myth of blowback is deeply ingrained in the psyches of many progressives and libertarians, serving as a mental obstacle to realizing the truth about 9/11.

But ignorance is not an excuse.

For those who are honestly interested in peace and cooperation between civilizations, it is no longer enough to preach anti-war messages. The time has come to collectively destroy the myths that keep us mentally chained and limit the prospects of peace and understanding between religions and nations.