September 8, 2012

Gray State Film: The Systematic Abolishment of Liberties To Bring In A NWO

On Friday, September 7, filmmakers David Crowley and Danny Mason spoke with free speech champion Alex Jones about their new film, Gray State.  

"This is a film you're going to want to see because it is everything Alex says put on screen," said one of the film's creators.

After watching the trailer, it is clear the filmmakers have not pulled any punches. The film combines creative imagination with real facts. Its portrayal of the looming collapse of American society is scary, but necessary. The dissemination of truth through fiction is a beautiful thing. Storytelling on the big screen can help people wake up from the politically constructed dream world they're living in.

But do not see the making of this film as only an act of public service and patriotism. Judging from the trailer, the film has high quality entertainment value. It was made for the politically educated and awakened audience as well as the uninitiated. But the focus of the filmmakers is on the latter group because entertainment is the only way to reach them and get them to question their reality.   

Watch a trailer of Gray State here. Read about the film's important and timely political message here. Visit the official website of the film here.

Video: "Gray State" creators speak with Alex Jones about their film. Title: Gray State Film: The Systematic Abolishment of Liberties To Bring In A NWO.

Video: Alex Jones asks you to question your reality. This video contains a profound and moving speech by Alex Jones that he gave on his radio show on February 11, 2008. Alex said:
"I know we're heralding into martial law, and there's this great, wicked intelligence that scientifically diagrammed and chronicled every single button they have to push to control you to the point of you can't even understand what I'm saying, most of you. I told you the truth. I told you what's happening. We have a scientific dictatorship, an elite using scientific technologies to dumb down, control, poison you, sterilize you. We're all under attack."