September 25, 2012

Aftermath of Spain Protests: At This Point, The Syrian Government Is More Popular Than European Governments

The dictatorial Spanish government is using violence against the Spanish people and crushing their demands for reform, freedom, and justice. 

Will the "international community" intervene in Spain to stop this oppression? Will Western governments demand the end of the violence against peaceful protesters in Spain?

Will President Obama get on his high horse and spout nonsense about dropping bombs on the Spanish government in order to defend "human rights" and "democracy"?

Will the U.S. media cry "Murder! Murder!" and demand a humanitarian intervention in Spain?

Will the progressives and liberals say that we should bomb Spain, arm the protesters, and get rid of the dictatorial regime?

At this point, the government in Syria is more popular than the Spanish government and other Western governments. Even the Taliban is more popular than the banksters who control Western governments.