August 17, 2012

Unthinking Regressives Fail To Discredit Top 9/11 Truth Site On The Planet

The totalitarian think tank ThinkProgress has maliciously attacked one of America's most courageous defenders of free speech and one of America's rising stars in the Senate.

ThinkProgress published an article on Wednesday, August 15, called, "Senator Rand Paul Touts False Claim From ’9/11 Truth’ Conspiracy Site," that hopelessly tries to discredit both Senator Rand Paul and global free speech champion Alex Jones. Here are excerpts from the article:
"Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is no stranger to extreme positions or conspiratorial thinking. But Paul sunk to a new low last night, using his Senate Twitter account to promote a false report from one of the world’s most noxious conspiracy websites.
Alex Jones, the popular radio host who runs InfoWars, routinely traffics in outlandish and pernicious conspiracy theories. Jones is an unapologetic 9/11 Truther who believes that something called the Bilderberg Group (which purportedly controls President Obama) is plotting to take over the United States while Federal Emergency Management Agency is planning to put Americans in concentration camps.
That a United States Senator would lend even a smidgen of credence to this conspiratorial nonsense is disgraceful."
The people at ThinkProgress believe that anything that does not fit into their small worldview is a "conspiracy theory." Facts be damned. Unlike the "conspiracy theorists" they like to deride so much, they do not share a passionate attachment to facts and truths.

Instead of shining a light on government criminality, such people choose to slander and smear free speech defenders who are putting their lives on the line by covering controversial subjects such as 9/11 truth.

The hatred of the success of Alex Jones and InfoWars, as expressed in the above ThinkProgress article and others, is really sad. The rise of "Journalistic Hate" is a recent phenomenon which does not belong in a healthy society. Cynical journalists should learn to get over their hate of 9/11 truth-tellers and rediscover what made them join the profession of journalism in the first place.

The growing influence of Alex Jones,, and the global alternative media is directly related to the mainstreaming of 9/11 truth. The reality that cannot be denied any longer is that we are all conspiracy theorists now. 9/11 truth-tellers deserve an apology, not hate and scorn.

Aiming to discredit the reputation of InfoWars, the top 9/11 truth website on the planet, will prove to be a dismal failure.

America and the world are ready to hear the message of 9/11 truth and world peace, which go together.

Alex Jones personifies rage against the banksters and the evil empire, not "outlandish and pernicious conspiracy theories." ThinkProgress can either join the movement of truth and rage, or get out of the way.