August 23, 2012

The 9/11 Myth, World War III, And The Modern Mental Health Crisis

"If we are looking for solutions to problems there is no use looking where problems are being made are never solved. If we want to find out how to survive, we must gradually discover what is threatening our survival and do what we can to correct it. Somewhere within the individual, if he digs deeply into himself, there is a mysterious faculty that perhaps we can call common sense. It is in all likelihood the basic qualities of mind. It is that intellection which has been given to all of us by a power greater than ourselves.

The mind is an instrument to be used, not to be abused. Its uses must always solve something, its abuses must always tear down something. Now the mind being a mysterious instrument which no one has been able to accurately define, and our higher professionals do not even attempt it because to do so they would be forced to examine causes and factors they wish to ignore.

But the mind remains as the one saving hope in this particular emergency. Somewhere within each individual is a kind of solutional power which should be cultivated instead of inhibited. The moment we find that a child has a mind to think with we should help it to think with that mind. Thinking is very different from accepting somebody else's thoughts. Thinking is not to be gained simply by reading a textbook and agreeing with the author, or, for that matter, disagreeing with the author.

The real fact of the matter is that every effort today is made to prevent the actual positive use of the mind. It is being cultured to become an instrument. We are trying to make the mind into a robot. We want to have a mind that will serve situations that are essentially false. We want a mind that will agree with the prevailing policy, even though that policy is going nowhere.

Actually, therefore, each of us must become capable of using the mind with which we have been endowed by a life greater than our own. Actually, the tendency to break away from the conventional and the conservative is growing every day. We are more and more aware that we are the victims of something that is not right. We realize as we stand closer and closer to the possible war of the worlds that have been well dramatized in motion pictures. We know something is wrong or these conditions would not and could not exist.

They do not exist because humanity as a group wants them, or that they serve humanity in any way. They have continued because small groups of ambitious persons want to play chess with the human destiny. They are not concerned with trying to solve problems. They are inclined only to consider the possibility of further advancements in some highly specialized structure of munitional warfare. They are interested only in digging in and finding more abstract theories which they can turn to the advantage of limited groups.

Now, these minds have formed a partnership, or they haven't formed it, it has occurred naturally, with other walks of life, which feed into this monopoly. These are the walks of life, for example, one of them is the psychosis of wealth. They have tried to make every human being subservient to a colossal ignorance simply by offering a reward. They have taken the attitude that if we will follow the leadership of these self-appointed leaders they will help to make us rich, will help to make us famous, and will help us to become dyspeptics or in one way or another destroy the body in which we live.

We are told that if we think for ourselves we will be poor. If we think as we are told to think by the Elect, we may retired as vice-president of some monopoly and have a grandfather's clock presented to us in recognition of forty-five years of faithful service. My uncle got one of those clocks. But the years of faithful service - what did it do to him? It destroyed in him the entire structure of individual creativeness. He did what he was told, he went to office every day, he followed the rules exactly, he had a fair living and was able to support his family, and he passed out of this life at the end of 83 years without actually having thought anything through for himself. He had no idea the kind of world he lived in, and for him pleasure and success was to be able to take a ride in a sailboat. Now this is what has been gradually happening. The sailboat has now become a yacht, and living has now gone into the multiple figures so that the elite can hardly get by on a million dollars a year.

But with all this money what is being solved? Nothing. The individual in his wealth goes down to sickness and death, and the more money he has the more extravagant his death will be.

So we are in a bind, and those who are supposed to get us out of the bind are getting us further into it. So the problem arises that more and more there are rebellions, revolts, revolutions, in which individuals are tired of the way we are mistreated by those who are pretending to be our superiors. We are not referring now to political superiors, we are not referring to those who become dictators or to those ragged and rugged generals who lead bandits through the hinterland. We are referring more directly to the type of leadership which under one guise or another prevents us from growing out of the disasters which have been created for us.

Now they will almost always say, of course, that we made these disasters for ourselves. There is no reason why we couldn't have lived well despite of the upper crust with its eternal problems. The answer to the thing is it doesn't work quite like that. The moment we fail to conform we are penalized. It is not a case of where we are better off by trying to be ourselves. We are told, and it is proven to us, that if we break the pattern, if we do not follow the mistakes of the ages we will be in tragic conditions now and there will be no remedy.

In other words, if we want to go out and beg for world peace, this is a kind of treason for which we will be penalized not only by the leaders but by those whom they have indoctrinated right down to members of our own families.

The whole situation is out of hand. But inside of us there is still this humanity. There is a power inside of the person which is the only possible solution to the problem." - Manly P. Hall, from a lecture called Idealistic Humanism. The quote is taken from part two of the lecture. 
The issue of mental health has been raised recently in reference to an ex-Marine named Brandon Raub who posted about 9/11 truth on Facebook and as a result was illegally taken to a psychiatric ward.

No doubt this was done by the U.S. government to suppress public anxieties that there may be something to the claims that 9/11 was an inside job.

In the crazy cosmology of the U.S. Totalitarian State rejecting conspiracy theories is a sign of psychological well-being and sanity, rather than the other way around. It is strange, but that's life.

How strange and absurd is life? Get this: soldiers who don't want to sacrifice their lives for a big lie are declared insane, illegally detained in a psych ward, and given pills, while politicians who tell lies to motivate them to fight in illegal wars are treated with respect.

Questioning 9/11 is the moral, right, and sane thing to do. Anyone who says differently is deliberately lying or is willfully ignorant. 

For a soldier it is better to be perceived as insane for refusing to fight for a lie than to die in a stupid and aggressive war. Thinking soldiers would probably say that the psych ward is better than the grave.

Brand me crazy, but I choose to stand beside the dissenting soldier, not the cowardly politician. If standing up for free speech means I'll be dragged to the nearest psych ward at any hour along with you and the legion of dissenting soldiers in the military then that's okay, no problem.

If choosing truth and life over deception and death means you're crazy in this upside down world then I'm crazy as hell, and you are too.

Do you see how crazy this is? We're supposed to accept this situation obediently and pretend we're not living under a crazy system that produces death, disease, and destruction on a cosmic scale.

The totalitarian media wants us to believe that warriors like Brandon Raub who reject the 9/11 fairy tale are insane for no other reason than because they want to live a full life and raise a family.

"How dare soldiers question the 9/11 myth," declare totalitarian propagandists in the media. "Don't they know they must mindlessly believe what they're told so they can sacrifice themselves for us happy few and our corrupt system? How arrogant of them! How insane of them! It is mentally ill to express doubts about our narratives. End of discussion."

How does a sane person respond to this arrogance and madness from the totalitarian mainstream media? With calm, understanding, peace, and love. It is pointless to get mad at mad people. The global 9/11 truth and justice movement does not try to mirror the madness of the imperial ruling elites, the state terrorists who did 9/11, and the totalitarian propagandists who cover for them.

This is a global peace movement that is pulling the world away from the nuclear abyss, and pushing it beyond the modern legacy of political madness and totalitarian warfare.

We in the 9/11 truth movement are not in the business of starting fires, but of putting them out. This is our sacred mission. If we are provoked into straying away from this peaceful and educational mission then we will have failed.  

The message of the global 9/11 truth and justice movement is a simple one. It says that we as a species are finished with playing little mind games and big war games that only benefit a politically connected few.

We want to reach for the stars with our heads held high and arms stretched out, not waste away our potential by constantly throwing dirt on each other in a children's playground. We do not want another world war and we do not want to live under totalitarian thought-control systems that rule our spirits, our bodies, and our minds with iron fists.

Is that too much to ask? Is it crazy to reject World War III and its insane mythology? Is it crazy to choose life over death? Is it crazy to demand truth, integrity, and honesty from our political leaders? If so then the global 9/11 truth and justice movement is totally crazy, Brandon Raub is nuts, and the tyrants in charge are just wise old men who have everything under control.