August 10, 2012

Hillary Clinton's Schizophrenia

Ms Clinton’s schizophrenic discourse on Syria 
By Voltaire Network 
August 9, 2012
"On 7 August 2012, following a meeting with the Foreign Minister of South Africa, Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, Hillary Clinton who was asked about the situation in Syria had this to say: “I do think we can begin talking about and planning for what happens next, the day after the regime does fall. I’m not going to put a timeline on it. I can’t possibly predict it, but I know it’s going to happen, as does most observers around the world. So we have to make sure that the state’s institutions stay intact. We have to make sure that we send very clear expectations about avoiding sectarian warfare. Those who are attempting to exploit the misery of the Syrian people, either by sending in proxies or sending in terrorist fighters, must recognize that that will not be tolerated, first and foremost by the Syrian people.”

Clearly stated,

-   The U.S. Secretary of State rebuffs any involvement by intermediaries, yet she is preparing to cadminister a country that does not belong to her.
-   Clinton condemns terrorism, even though she hailed the July 18 attack in Damascus which decapitated the Syrian military command, and her President, Barack Obama, signed a secret directive to practice terrorism in Syria."
Source: “Ms Clinton’s schizophrenic discourse on Syria”, Voltaire Network, 9 August 2012,