August 4, 2012

Enemies In Name Only: Washington, Al-Qaeda, And Jupiter's Lightning Bolt

Washington and Al-Qaeda are enemies in name only.

The tragic drama in Syria contains many story lines, themes, villains, heroic characters, and surprises.

What we are witnessing is not the overthrow and collapse of a dreaded regime, but the continuation of world war three which began on September 11, 2001. On that infamous day, Washington deceitfully handed Al-Qaeda Jupiter's lightning bolt by falsely attributing the false flag terror attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon to it.

The world was led to believe that Al-Qaeda struck the center of the earth on 9/11 with Jupiter's lightning bolt. Somehow, Al-Qaeda managed to achieve the impossible: hit the most guarded military site on the planet.

Only fools believe this absurdity.

On 9/11, the lightning bolt was in the possession of the rebellious gods in Washington, London, and Tel Aviv, not Al-Qaeda, whose members were created out of the ashes of the Afghanistan-Soviet conflict by the CIA.

Almost eleven years after the September 11 events, Washington and its allies in the war on terror are finding themselves on the same side as Al-Qaeda, and that is not by accident.

For the sickos in Washington to claim that NATO must intervene in Syria to get rid of Al-Qaeda is a bit of a stretch. It's important to remember that Al-Qaeda didn't mysteriously appear in Syria overnight. As Paul Joseph Watson wrote on July 31st:
"We are now clearly entering a new phase in the propaganda war with regard to Syria, heralded by the NATO-aligned establishment now using the presence of Al-Qaeda fighters in the country, many of whom were airlifted into Syria by NATO powers, as a justification to launch a wider military assault."
Washington wants to defeat the cancer that it introduced into Syria? How sweet and charming! But, seriously, how is it that the enemy which supposedly killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11 is now fighting alongside Americans on the same battlefield? 

Is this not treason? Shouldn't this crazy turn of events shock every living soul?

The despicable leaders of Washington and Tel Aviv have some explaining to do. Who do they take us for? Monkeys? Donkeys?

People are not monkeys. People are not donkeys. We are thinking, free, and creative human beings who know a lie when we see it. We can recognize the thick body of treason under the thin cloth of patriotism.

Calling a war "humanitarian" doesn't make it so. Naming Al-Qaeda the "enemy" doesn't mean it is true. Reality will have its say, sooner or later.

The West's alliance with Al-Qaeda in Syria and throughout the Middle East cannot be suppressed because the Western media's psychological trickery does not work anymore. Also, Israel's war against radical Islamists such as Al-Qaeda has been exposed to be fake in Syria. Journalist Pepe Escobar writes:
"As for the Mossad's "low profile", the spin in Tel Aviv is that Israel is able to "control" the swarm of hardcore Wahhabis and Salafi-jihadis now infesting Syria. Even if that is manifest nonsense, one juicy point is clear; Israel is in bed with al-Qaeda-style Islamists."
It is clear to all who can see that Al-Qaeda's beef is not with America, or Israel, but with their political enemies. Washington and its Gulf allies have armed and financed Al-Qaeda terrorists to wreak havoc in Syria and plunge the country into chaos, just as they did to America on September 11, 2001.

So, naturally, the citizens of New York and the citizens of Damascus are on the same side against the terrorists who lead Al-Qaeda, Tel Aviv, London, and Washington.

The battle for freedom and dignity is not taking place in Syria against Assad, but on the psychological battlefield of the global public mind against the war criminals who created Al-Qaeda and orchestrated the 9/11 events.

For people to root for the Al-Qaeda "rebels" in Syria is an act of unbelievable stupidity as well as criminality. The two-faced countries who support these rotten terrorists, either politically, financially, or militarily, are bringing on their own destruction as well as the destruction of the world.

Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and NATO will be ruined for being on the wrong side of history in Syria. They have committed Hitlerian war crimes against Syria. Like all evil tyrants throughout history, they believe "might is right." And they have nothing to stand on but lies.  

II. End of The Al-Qaeda Myth

Washington's Blog reminded everyone in the article, "Al Qaeda Is Not “Benefitting From” the Syrian Uprising … It’s CAUSING It," that NATO-backed Al-Qaeda has played an instrumental role in shattering Syria to pieces and destroying the peace. Here is an excerpt:
"Al Qaeda is not “capitalizing” on the violence … they are the ones who have been doing most of the violence for many months.

And the U.S. has been arming the Syrian opposition since 2006, even though Secretary of State Clinton admits that will help Al Qaeda."
The cynicism and corruption of the gods of war in Washington, London, and Tel Aviv is breathtaking. They create their own problems, train and finance their own enemies, and stage terror attacks on their own soil. And they commit all these crimes against humanity while playing the victim. Sick, isn't it?

Stephen Lendman wrote about USrael's addiction to war on July 26 in his article, "US Proxy Al Qaeda Death Squads in Syria":
"Israel already spends an enormous amount on militarism. Like America, it does it at a time it has no enemies except ones it invents."
God forbid one should question the origins of Al-Qaeda. The sky would fall in Washington and Tel Aviv if the myth of Al-Qaeda and the myth of 9/11 both vanished into history.

III. Taking Back The Lightning Bolt: Stealing Al-Qaeda's Thunder

It is good to steal Al-Qaeda's thunder by telling the truth about 9/11 and destroying the fake official story. Al-Qaeda did not deserve the lightning bolt that was stolen from heaven and then treacherously given to it by Washington, Tel Aviv, London, and Riyadh.

In a perfect world, the death of one of Al-Qaeda's chief financiers, Prince Bandar bin Sultan aka Bandar Bush, would mark the beginning of the end of the Al-Qaeda myth. But since myths live on past their creators, despite the discovery of new evidence, the Al-Qaeda myth will remain an integral part of the Western psyche for some time.

But major psychological and political changes within America, Israel, and the West is inevitable, and ending the Al-Qaeda myth is crucial to these changes.

The end of the "Al-Qaeda as America's enemy" myth will not come until America wakes up and puts to bed this hell-born myth.