August 30, 2012

A Fallen Nation: 9/11, Occult Symbolism, And The Sacrifice of Prometheus

Here was a man who embraced his fall, and came to be called, "The Falling Man," a title given by Tom Junod in September 2003 in a piece for Esquire. The infamous picture was taken by AP photographer Richard Drew, who was also present at the moment of Robert F. Kennedy's death.
"Hesiod had only to hint at the prototypical character of this act of Prometheus, for it was perfectly obvious in a world where at every sacrifice the gods received chiefly fat and bones, while the sacrificers took most of  the meat and entrails. A strange division! Yet every division presupposes a whole to be divided and a common bond between those who do the dividing. And this brings us to still another prerequisite for division: a distinction between the sharers. The idea of the Greek sacrifice takes in both: the distinction and the common bond between gods and men. Hesiod puts this idea of the sacrifice, with its implication of balance and freedom from conflict, in the age of gold. Hesiod characterizes the sacrifice as an act of establishment, as the foundation of our world, by stressing the difference in the division and explaining it on the basis of a contest. After the division, the world came into being--a world in which gods and men were absolutely different. And in Hesiod's eyes this was perfectly just, because men are exactly as they showed themselves to be in their sacrificing: deceived deceivers. Even if Hesiod had based his mythological view of the world not on a tradition but on a doctrine to be derived from the Greek sacrifice, it would be grounded in an inherently justifiable conception of man's nature." - Carl Kerényi, "Prometheus: Archetypal Image of Human Existence." 1963. Princeton University Press: Princeton, New Jersey. Pg. 43-44.

"Get all by honest means, would you secure
Wealth and respect that will through life endure.
Who seeks to heap his store by force or fraud,
Shall lose it all: though half the world applaud
His ill-gained wealth, there's an all-seeing Eye
That closely scans his actions from on high;
And Retribution soon or late shall sweep
Himself and treasures to oblivion's deep." - Hesiod, "Works And Days of Hesiod." 
The false flag and ritualistic September 11 events marked the fall of a particular version of America. It was a spiritually dead, complacent, apathetic, politically corrupt, and ignorant America. The world is waiting for a new and better America to emerge from the crisis that was unleashed by 9/11.

It is important to remain optimistic. A fallen nation can get back up if it has the will, the spirit, and the visionary leadership. America does not lack these three qualities, so the hope of recovery and renewal is not lost.

But for there to be a recovery we must be brutally honest. 9/11 shook America and the world in more ways than one. We all know about the immediate effects of the event: the launch of illegal wars in the Middle East, the looting of America on an industrial scale, and the continuous transformation of the American government towards a fascist totalitarian system.

Looking back at 9/11 eleven years later, it is normal to get emotional. But we must not lose sight of how the tragedy was cleverly exploited by the leaders of the United States and Israel for military, political, propaganda, and commercial goals.

No rational person can argue against the claim made by the global 9/11 truth and justice movement that 9/11 was totally staged by the U.S. and Israeli governments. This truth should be filed under the sad record of history's ugly truths.

II. Bailing Out The Pentagon And Israel

We hear the word "bailout" almost every day now. It is embedded in the public lexicon. This word should hold significant meaning in our re-examination of 9/11. It is obvious the Global War on Terror was a giant bailout of the Pentagon and Israel. There is no better way to put it. The military-industrial complex needed an enemy to justify their existence, so they went crazy and created two global enemies: international terrorism, and transnational Islamic Jihad. Israel's enemies became America's enemies.

These assertions are no longer controversial and conspiratorial. They have become cliché. It is crystal clear to all but the willfully ignorant that the leaders of Islamic Jihadist groups like Al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, and Hamas are directly trained and financed by the CIA, Mossad, and MI6. Their services are used by the West in countries like Libya and Syria, where they wreak havoc by blowing up buildings and massacring innocent civilians.

For America, defeating Al-Qaeda and Radical Islam is as easy as stopping the delivery of military hardware and monthly paychecks to Al-Qaeda fighters. There is really nothing to it. If the U.S. government was really interested in ending the threat posed by Islamic extremists it would do so, but why kill the goose that lays the golden eggs? America is in love with Al-Qaeda; a divorce is out of the question.

III. A Matter of Destiny

In the grand sense of history and destiny, 9/11 was unavoidable. American leaders were faced with two options: a new world war, or the total dismantling of the world's largest and most powerful military. War was chosen because men are not angels. Any other nation would have done the same had it been in America's place at the turn of the 21st century. So it is a mistake to blame and hate America for what is at bottom a matter of destiny.  

But it does not mean that we have to march to the drum of the state terrorists and war criminals who did 9/11. There are alternatives to state terror and war. The grassroots global political awakening has great potential to change the course of history and bring rogue governments down.

There will be twists and turns in this great awakening. The 9/11 truth movement must not abandon the path of patience and lose heart in the face of government tyranny and mass denial. Escaping the enslavement of established explanations of extraordinary events such as 9/11 is not done overnight. Waking up is a long, emotionally exhausting, and contemplative journey.

IV. The Price of America's Soul

9/11 truth deniers cannot justify their ill treatment of 9/11 truth-tellers with facts because they don't have any. Their anti-9/11 truth case rests on myth, media might, mockery, and madness.

Tom Breidenbach wrote in his article, "None So Blind (a lament)," on January 21, 2007: 
"Liberal commentators regularly assert they “just can’t,” “won’t” or that they “simply refuse to believe” 9/11 could have been an inside job . Yet such irrational and emotive statements merely confirm the cognitive impairment of their speaker. It is a firm matter of historical record that governments, very much including our own, have planned and executed horrendous, even murderous acts of deceit in the past, including ones against their own people. Denying this would be denying the dynamics of power as they’ve been understood since remote antiquity, and those who decry even the possibility that 9/11 was an inside job (in spite of the vast array of evidence as well as eminent expert, professional, and military opinion clearly indicating it was) are stretching an already tenuous appeal to American Exceptionalism, the fallacy that “it could never happen here.”"
American exceptionalism is based on a truth; America is an exceptional country. It put a man on the moon; end of debate. But 9/11 killed American exceptionalism because it revealed that America is liable to commit evil and wage wars against the world like every other powerful empire.

Does this mean America will remain a fallen nation forever? No. Nobody's fall is permanent, not even Satan's. In the ancient Kurdish religion of Yezidism, Satan is forgiven for his transgression against God's kingdom and eventually redeemed. Melek Taus is their name for Lucifer/Satan. Noshir H. Dadrawala writes: "Malek Taus is an evil and a fallen spirit; but not fallen beyond redemption. He is a sort of celestial Absalom - vicious, tyrannical, rebellious, but secure of ultimate pardon and rehabilitation."

America's place in history will not be judged solely based on the false flag 9/11 events and criminal global war on terrorism. It is a great error to focus on the bad and forget the good. And there is plenty of good in America. People say America is dead. But how can that be when there are good Americans who are willing to defend truth and justice?

America is not dead. Alex Jones is the heartbeat of America, and he is pumping life into America every day on his talk show. How can America's soul be dead when a good man like Ron Paul has an army of supporters? The "End the Fed" and 9/11 truth movements have staying power. The heart and soul of America did not die on 9/11.

America's fate hangs in the balance, but so do us all. As Tom Junod wrote on January 30, 2012, in his article, "Falling (Mad) Man":
"At a time when the country was desperate for images that were communal and redemptive, Drew gave it a man left to the mercy not of God but of gravity, and dying utterly alone.

 The photograph was not called "The Falling Man" back then. It was called leering pornography, and sentenced to an invisible career as cultural contraband. It did not resurface until Esquire published a story entitled "The Falling Man" in its September 2003 issue, whereupon the photograph gained its title, and its symbolic status. You see, by that time it was clear that despite the best efforts of the American government and the American media, the legacy of 9/11 was not going to be moral clarity but rather moral unease — an almost vertiginous sensation of the ground giving way beneath our feet, along with just about everything else. That sensation, alas, has never gone away, and it is what has been mined brilliantly by the makers of Mad Men. If, in 2003, America was finally able to look at a two year-old photograph suggesting that it had to revise what it thought it knew about how people died on 9/11, by 2007 it was primed to watch a prime-time melodrama suggesting that it had to revise what it thought it knew about how people lived in 1960. It was ready to hear that what it had always regarded as American exceptionalism got its start as American entitlement, and was always fated to fall back to earth.

After I wrote "The Falling Man" in 2003, I got a call from a friend of mine, who said, "Well, now you have a book." I asked him what he meant, and he told me that anyone I wanted to write about could be written about for a book called "The Falling Man," because, in his words, "We're all falling men now." I never wrote the book, but I remember what my friend said every time I look at Richard Drew's photograph or, for that matter, the credit sequence for Mad Men. We're all falling men now. Drew's photograph became a symbol both specific and universal because it dared to tell us that 9/11 was not the beginning of something but rather the end, that it didn't constitute the "victory of the American spirit," as presidents and pundits tried so hard to tell us, but rather a loss, final and decisive, with which we'd always have to reckon. The "controversial" Mad Men poster has some of the same resonance, because it reminds us that the reckoning goes on — who could not imagine the figure of Barack Obama silhouetted against that limitless white background? — and started before most of us were even born."
Can America be redeemed? Can Israel be redeemed? Can humanity be redeemed?

Yes, in time.