July 15, 2012

Troubling Syrian Revelations Destroy The Fables of The War on Terror Mythology

More people believe in flying unicorns than the official fable of 9/11.

Following revelations that the anti-Assad opposition is making up atrocity stories, the world is coming to the conclusion that Assad is not the black-handed devil that he has been made out to be by the cunning Western mainstream press.

The motive of the NATO-armed rebels in accusing the Syrian government of mass murder is clear; it is to help the United States and its allies at the United Nations to gain a greater political leverage so it can shame Russia and China.

But this trick has not achieved its diabolical purpose. Russia and China are standing firm and reaffirming their position that a NATO intervention is the wrong course to take.

Officials in Washington can ring the bell of war until their arms are drained of energy but no one is mistaken that the United States government will be protecting human rights and international law by overthrowing the Syrian government.

Also, the hearts of humanity have not been twisted by the foreign-financed members of the armed opposition, who have been caught lying too many times. It also doesn't help their cause that they're being smoked on the battlefield by Syrian forces. Any day now they're going to start crying to their NATO daddy and beg them to save them from an eventful defeat.

Despite the lunatics who are ruling world, there are reasons to be hopeful. Reality has not been totally submerged under the dark sea of NATO, Israeli, and Pentagon propaganda. Reason is prevailing in the global alternative media, and even in the mainstream media, strangely. The New York Times is acknowledging the inconvenient fact that Syrian rebels lied to the world when they said a massacre took place at Tremseh. Is this a sign that the New York Times is joining the growing conspiracy theory/reality community? Maybe.

II. The End Times For The Fables of The War on Terror Mythology

The contradictions in U.S. foreign policy couldn't be clearer than in Syria. The U.S. is supporting Jihadist terrorists and thereby putting to death the biggest fable in its war on terror mythology: Radical Islam is a threat to America and Western civilization.

The absurdity of the media fables is too much to ignore. The collapsing 9/11 mythology and NATO's war on terror consensus is irreversible. More people believe in flying unicorns than the official fable of 9/11.

III. Washington's Legacy of Horror And Shame

The U.S. government is not insulting the Syrian people or Assad by enlisting Jihadist terrorists to fight in its camp. It is insulting American soldiers who died fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan because they bought the lie that America was under attack from Jihadist terrorists.

Hillary Clinton spits on the graves of American soldiers every time she opens her mouth and says the Jihadist terrorists in the Syrian opposition deserve America's moral and military support. I can understand why Israel-Firsters and soulless war profiteers in the military-industrial complex want to join her, but born-again Americans in the American military must be looking on with absolute horror and shame.

Tony Cartalucci explains how Nawaf Fares, a defector from the Syrian government who is being celebrated by the West as a supporter of democracy, was behind the killing of U.S., British, and Iraqi troops in Iraq. In this case, the enemy of Washington's enemy is Washington's enemy. This is comedic gold and points to an epic disaster for Washington's illegal regime change project in Syria. No playwright could come up with this stuff. It's like God is playing a joke on America and humanity. I'm laughing, are you?

Cartalucci sums up Fares's absurd story and shatters his image as a defender of innocents, writing:
"Fares, a self-confessed terrorist who admits he organized death squads to fight and kill Americans and undoubtedly civilians in neighboring Iraq, has leveled a series of accusations with no evidence, to provide the maximum amount of demonization possible against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

He has left a "regime" he finds unbearable, which he claims without evidence was carrying out a terrorist bombing campaign against its own people, and who supported "Jihadi units" to fight its regional neighbors - to then join a militant organization that has demonstratively and admittedly carried out bombing campaigns against the Syrian people, consists of extremist mercenaries from abroad sent to destabilize and destroy his nation, and guilty, by HRW and the UN's own admissions, of the same atrocities and horrors Fares has claimed he defected from the government over."
Shameless and criminal characters like Fares, whose loyalty is cheap, are not the leaders of Syria's tomorrow. He is a vulture on a carcass. Defending dishonourable opportunists like him is akin to defending death. There is no nobility in defecting from a dying regime when it is under attack from a host of hostile outsiders.

Highlighting Fares's defection is important because it is another example that plainly shows the hollowness of Washington's rhetoric about fighting terrorism, spreading democracy, and supporting human rights. This example is even more sickening because Fares was behind the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq and yet he is still celebrated by America's corrupt foreign policy establishment.

Have they no shame? Have they no honour?