July 13, 2012

Re-Educating The Conspiracy Theorist: The Five Key Issues

The mainstream media is a concentration camp of the mind.

The bankster-hijacked U.S. government is planning to construct re-education camps in America to convert the population to globalism and corporatism. They are targeting conservatives and liberals alike. It doesn't matter if you're an Israel-Firster, a born-again American, or a turban-wearing Jihadist, you are all the same pieces of trash in the eyes of your new globalist fascist overlords.

What kind of totalitarian propaganda should one expect in a new world order re-education camp? And from what intellectual angles will psyop officers target the minds of their victims in these death camps? This article will tackle both questions from the perspective of conspiracy theorists/people who care about facts and evidence.

II. Re-Educating The Conspiracy Theorist: The Five Key Issues

I will list five key issues that matter to the globalist fascists and totalitarian overlords. First, I will highlight the reality of these issues then lay out how the psyop chiefs will spin them to make their victims believe that the government is right.

1. National Sovereignty.

The Reality: America's sovereignty was destroyed in 1913 with the creation of the supranational Federal Reserve Bank that pays allegiance to international banksters who use usury to corrupt and destroy nations. The Federal Reserve was used to finance America's military machine in the next two world wars, which saw the destruction of the nation state in Europe. America could have stayed out of both European conflicts since it was not threatened by any power on the continent.

Instead, the voices of American "isolationism," meaning people who wanted peace, were marginalized and America was used to promote the force of internationalism which has not benefited America one bit. Since 1913, America has been slowly sacrificed, and its constitution was erased. Internationalism and Zionism have caused the death of America. And the next world war between USrael and Iran will put the nail in the coffin.

The Spin: National sovereignty is a dead idea that is mainly defended by extremists of various persuasions. Its time has come and gone. In today's complex and interdependent world a global system is required to chart the course of the planet into the future while preserving its many diverse cultures. Nations need to cooperate together under a common and universal system to reach goals for the benefit of all, regardless of race or religion.

Wars in the past have largely come about because nations have competed with one another for resources, strategic position, power, and prestige. This ancient rivalry between nations and empires has no place in this age of nuclear weapons. International threats to world stability can only be managed and ultimately defeated with a world government.

2. International Terrorism.

The Reality: The CIA and Mossad did 9/11. The MI6 did 7/7. There goes the crackpot theory that international terrorism is a threat to the West and the world. The truth is that secret intelligence agencies are a threat to the West and the world. Read, "Whose Spring? The CIA's Hand In The Rise of Islamists And International Terrorist Groups," to know more about the CIA's friends in Syria, Libya, and across the Middle East. The Islamist commanders in Libya and Syria might as well hang out at Langley. Oh wait, they do.

The Spin: Terrorism is a serious threat. The United States is at war with Al-Qaeda. We were attacked on 9/11, and there is always a danger that we will be attacked again. It is nonsensical, and, quite frankly, insane to claim that somehow the United States government was involved in 9/11. We must not even go there. The Internet has convinced many that 9/11 was the work of the Jews and the CIA, but this is anti-Semitic and anti-American Islamist propaganda.

3. Global Economic Collapse.

The Reality: The 2008 financial crisis was not the product of greed alone. It is a long-held goal of the international banksters to bring the world economy down because they gain greater power and control over nations when there is an economic crisis.

The Federal Reserve machine came into being after Wall Street banksters caused several financial panics in the early 1900s to create insecurity in the markets and make the American people believe that a central bank is the only solution. The same formula was used at the beginning of this century, except this time the manufactured crisis is global and the proposed solution is a global central bank.

The Spin: The collapse of the global economy was a disaster that was bound to happen. Governments and banks tried to put pressure on the wound after it opened in 2008, but the body had already entered the process of decomposition by that point. Although the external effects were not entirely visible in those early years of the crisis, most insiders in government and the financial world knew that a collapse was coming and prepared accordingly.

There are conspiracy theorists out there who believe the government should not prepare for emergencies and chaotic situations. They believe we should just sit on our hands and watch the stars. Well, that's not very practical. That's not how the government works. They also think the financial elite collapsed the global economy on purpose so they can gain from it. While it is true that there is opportunity in any crisis, it is disingenuous and irrational to assume that a world historical crisis can be brought about by a conspiracy of individuals and companies that wield power. As a student of history, I can tell you that history does not work like that. It is more complex.

4. Domestic Extremism.

The Reality: If you believe in the Bill of Rights, trial by jury, and free elections then you are considered a domestic extremist by the United States government. If you do not submit to the state and accept its narrative of history then you are a terrorist. If you think you have a right to your life, your property, your mind, your soul, and your body, then you are a dangerous extremist who poses a threat to society. That, in brief, is the definition of domestic extremism given by Homeland Security and the FBI.

The Spin: The state has a right to defend itself against terrorists and extremists who harm society and terrorize its members. If neo-Nazis, conservative extremists, Islamists, conspiracy theorists, anarchists, leftists, and all the other crazies that I forgot to mention believe it is their right to raise their arms against the United States government then they will be treated as threats and suppressed with force.

We cannot let extremists spread their violent and twisted ideologies through terror and intimidation. They want to make you accept their outdated views and beliefs. They are radicals of a bygone age who are afraid of the world's progress. We will not give in to their mindless terror and be consumed by their hatred for mankind and civilization. This society is built on the confidence that people will be secure outside of their homes. Maintaining law and order is our first priority. Order is our friend, terror is our enemy.

5. Martial Law.

The Reality: There is no legal basis for martial law. It is the constitutional duty of the American president to lift the national emergency that was announced by Bush after the false flag 9/11 events. Bush claimed emergency powers because of the "terrorist threat," but the terrorist threat is a manufactured and hollow threat. The only threat that the American people face comes from Washington. The crooks who did 9/11 believe they can get away with their crimes by herding their victims into concentration camps and re-education camps. They want the American people to accept slavery without opposition.

The Spin: There is only one legitimate response to the breakdown of law and order in a society, and that response naturally includes the use of government force. To suggest that imposing martial law to restore law and order is not warranted is to be blind to the facts at hand. We don't have the luxury to be blind and turn off our minds at the first sight of trouble. It is our duty to act and save lives. If the President had not acted, if the military just stood by, then we would've been at fault and many lives would have been lost.

When this crisis ends things will go back to normal. That is a promise we will keep. The military will not be on the streets forever. We are not here to impose our rule, but impose the rule of law and bring back order to our cities. It is our duty to serve our country and protect its people. We are instruments of the greater good.

III. Ending Mass Mind Control In The 21st Century

The mainstream media is a concentration camp of the mind. Turning on television is like voluntarily walking into prison. Ending mass mind control is as simple as turning off the television, and throwing newspapers in the garbage.

No one needs the New York Times, CNN, Fox News, and other corporate media organizations to get the news anymore. These institutions do not serve a good purpose and perform no public service. They don't 1) report the truth, 2) offer historical context to world events, and 3) give a balanced and rational view of the world. Their silence about 9/11 truth has produced a toxic global culture and led to the deaths of many innocent victims in the Middle East.

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