June 3, 2012

The Propaganda Battlefield: Militants Abroad, Conspiracy Theorists At Home

 Drones: The Coward's Weapon.
"The media now knows that "militant" is a term of official propaganda, yet still use it for America's drone victims." - Glenn Greenwald, "Deliberate media propaganda," June 2, 2012.
People who die at the hands of Washington's monstrous war machine are declared, "militants," while those who expose this gigantic machine's dark underbelly are labeled, "conspiracy theorists."

The heroic Glenn Greenwald says that the term, "militant," is used by U.S. government officials and their surrogate media to mask the innocence of their victims, whitewash their crimes, and crush public debate about the futility and morality of U.S. drone strikes. Greenwald writes in his article, "Deliberate media propaganda":
"How is it possible to have any informed democratic debate over a policy about which the U.S. media relentlessly propagandizes this way? If drone strikes kill nobody other than “militants,” then very few people will even think about opposing them (and that’s independent of the fact that the word “militant” is a wildly ambiguous term — militant about what? — though it is clearly designed (when combined with “Pakistan”) to evoke images of those who attacked the World Trade Center). Debate-suppression is not just the effect but the intent of this propaganda: like all propaganda, it is designed to deceive the citizenry in order to compel acquiescence to government conduct."
The real purpose of U.S. drone strikes in countries like Yemen and Pakistan is to provoke anti-American extremism, bolster Al-Qaeda's ranks, and perpetuate the war on terror.

The basic truth is that Washington needs enemies in the Muslim world. And there is no better way of making new enemies overnight than by killing innocent women and children in their homes, as well as young moderate Muslim males who don't hate America but also don't like the idea of being bombed 24/7 by drones for no good reason.

Washington is the biggest aider and abettor of terrorism in the world. There should be no confusion about this fact. Of course, Tel Aviv, London, and Riyadh are also huge aiders and abetters of international terrorism. Israel's entire security apparatus is based on the false idea that terrorists will knock down the door at any minute and kill Israelis in their homes. That is the flawed and paranoid mentality that drives the security policies of the Israeli state. The word primitive doesn't even begin to describe it. Terror is the mind of the state in Tel Aviv and Washington.

But we're "conspiracy theorists" for pointing out that the war of terror is a hoax, and that 99% of the terrorists wouldn't exist if Washington was not actively turning young Muslim males into Jihadist suicide bombers.

Suicide bombers have the status of virgins in Washington's terrorist state. Counter-terrorism officials love suicide bombers because their existence justifies their own predatory and parasitic existence. They want an unlimited number of suicide bombers and terrorists.

Washington and Tel Aviv will attack Iran not because their security is at stake or because Tehran is building a nuclear bomb, but because counter-terrorism officials in Washington want new anti-American fighters to hunt and kill. That's one of the reasons for attacking Iran, there are many more of course.

The point is that hunters need prey, or they die. The terrorist state needs terrorists, or it dies. Terror is blood to the war system. Without new infusions of terror and threats the war system and terrorist state flatline. So from Washington's perspective, the more militants, the better. They want militants to rain down from heaven and give them an excuse for being irrational hardliners and militarists.

It is very clear that the war criminals in Washington will increase the use of drone strikes around the Middle East. Indiscriminate murder of innocents is what they are all about. They are cowards and bullies who love to kill innocent people and accuse their victims of being terrorists and militants.

The crooks in Washington will also use drones against Americans, not only to terrorize the American people and keep American society in a state of endless fear, but to turn Americans against the state and then brand them as domestic terrorists for fighting back. Then they will order their brainwashed "American heroes" in military uniform to kill American "domestic terrorists," and "conspiracy theorists." This is the plan. Murder and terror are bread and butter for the terrorist-bankster state in Washington.

Again, if you question the sacred narratives of the mass murderers in Washington you get called a "conspiracy theorist," and if you are killed by them you get called a "militant." There is no room for debate and anti-war opposition. The propaganda battlefield is narrowed down to include "militants" abroad, and "conspiracy theorists" at home. This is totalitarian propaganda at its finest.

These propagandistic and ritualistic terms are used to achieve the death of thought, speech, freedom, and, ultimately, humanity.

But here's the big open secret: the war criminals are losing bad. A majority of the world does not believe in the official fairy tale of 9/11. The thieves, liars, and murderers in Washington, and their evil collaborators in Tel Aviv and London are losing the hearts and minds of humanity.

Humanity is waking up, and telling the state terrorists behind 9/11 and 7/7: We are no longer sleeping hostages on your propaganda battlefield. Our souls are not for sale, our minds are not programmable software, and our bodies are not for slaughter.