June 15, 2012

Be A Real Humanitarian: Don't Cry For Syrian Children

 Terrorists and propagandists hide behind the innocence of children. Real humanitarians leave children out of conflicts.

Getting rid of Assad and bombing Syria with U.S. drones is the new pet cause of warm-hearted "humanitarians." But don't get it twisted: militarily intervening in Syria is a more anti-humanitarian act than letting Syria survive intact under its current government.

I don't like Assad or the pro-war "humanitarians." I hate war, instability, and insecurity. If that puts me on the side of evil, then so be it. I'd rather be evil and anti-war than good and pro-war. Strange, right? As many others have said, it's like we entered a warped universe after 9/11 where evil is good, truth is a conspiracy theory, up is down, and dark is light.

Calling Assad the big bad wolf is clever and cute, but the imagery only sticks in the mind if you're a little schoolboy. Did people learn anything from the Iraq war and Al-Qaeda propaganda? The vilification of Assad is so 2001. What, is every Middle Eastern dictator Moby Dick now? Is America supposed to slay every dragon in the world?

America has done enough dragon-slaying. We get it. America is a nation of heroes. Thank you, America. You are a brave and mighty nation. There is no sarcasm in these words. Humanity is indebted to America forever. But, America, please, stop being a nation of heroes and humanitarians. There are no more dragons to slay in the foreign woods. The place to look for new dragons to slay is in the heart of the city, inside the government, the media, the war corporations, and the banks.

Unfortunately for Assad, though, America's dragon-killing days are not yet over. Osama Bin Laden wasn't Obama's last fake dragon corpse. Playing superhero and a humanitarian war icon is what Obama has in mind. But destroying Syria in the name of saving it is an idea that preceded the Obama administration. Reducing Syria to absolute rubble is part of Washington's long-established political vision to remake the Middle East in its own image, secure world hegemony, and lay the foundations for a Greater Israel.

Their insane and evil vision can only be fulfilled if there are mass graves of Palestinians, Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, Lebanese, Yemenis, Pakistanis, and Iranians.

In the past decade, the Iraqis and Afghans did their honourable part by dying after coming under attack from the U.S. and NATO. But the time has come at last for Syrians to bravely sacrifice their land and lives to the benefit of the U.S., NATO, and Israel.

Syrians who protect their land and insist on living in a state of peace and security, even under a harsh regime, are denounced as defenders of a monstrous dictator by the dishonest Western mainstream media. CNN, the New York Times, and Time Magazine want Syrians to die like slaves, and accept their fate. Syrians who refuse to die like slaves are branded as evil, along with other anti-imperialist and anti-Israeli fighters throughout the Middle East.

But Western propaganda is sicker than the simplistic "good vs. evil" script. According to media propagandists, we should cry for Syrian children and hate Assad, or else we're bad. This is an implicit form of blackmail. We need to reject the cries to cry. You and I shouldn't cry for the children of Syria just because the lying monsters who work for CNN and the United Nations told us to cry for them. Their fathers and mothers will cry for them and seek revenge against their real murderers, which are members of the fake and foreign-backed "Free Syrian Army." 

The people of Syria do not need our "assistance," moral or otherwise. Syrians can handle this crisis on their own, which has been forced upon them by the United States, NATO, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and Israel.

If you love freedom and children then you must denounce a military intervention in Syria. Syria is not our fight. Our fight is against the banksters and war criminals who have illegally captured our governments and want to impose austerity on our fear-ridden societies.

Don't cry for Syrian children who are victims of NATO's war planners. Cry for American and Canadian children who are living in poverty because of NATO's wars. Don't cry for Syrian children who are being terrorized and murdered by CIA-trained death squads. Save your tears. You need them to cry in the face of crimes that are taking place in your own country by your own government against your own children.

Serious reflection is needed in the West. When did it become "humanitarian" to root for war? Did people in Washington and other Western capitals go insane in the 1990s? Have the lunatics who control Washington, NATO, and Israel lost all contact with the real world?

The West needs to say goodbye to these lunatics and throw the idea of "humanitarian intervention" where it belongs: in the dustbin of history. Only devilish minds can come up with such a morally twisted and Orwellian idea. It is invalid, illegitimate, and unjust.

Western civilization does not have a moral right to intervene in another country based on humanitarian reasons. As Westerners, we can't accuse Russians, Chinese, and Middle Easterners of lacking humanity. There is nothing humanitarian about bombing African and Arab countries.

But the Holy Warriors and their brainwashed followers who attend the Church of Television everyday don't want to hear dissent. Going against the false political religion of "humanitarian war" is blasphemy in Western political discourse. On my count, I've committed ten intellectual sins in this article alone.

"Humanitarian interventionism" is like the fictitious 9/11 story. If you don't believe in it then there is "something wrong with you." If you're not for war against dictators then you're accused of being a lover of dictators. This kind of thoughtlessness, irrationality, and stupidity is why countries and civilizations die. The Western world must abandon media fantasies, dismiss orgastic propaganda stories about Syria, and embrace reality.

Here is the reality about Syria: NATO-armed terrorists are killing Syrian children, Assad is popular, and there is no civil war. People who support an attack on Syria and removing Assad from power are war criminals. They're shielding their crimes against humanity and crimes against peace behind their clever cloak of "humanitarianism." The real humanitarians, who care about truth, the rule of law, and peace, must stand up and take away their magical cloak.