June 21, 2012

5 Reasons Why The White House Is A Faith-Based Institution

Pope Bush and Pope Obama share their thoughts on the divine steps outside the White House.

1. The President Is A Cult Leader.

The cult characteristics of the President's relationship to American society is hard to ignore. Bush relied on the stupid religious right to win in 2000, and Obama won in 2008 largely due to the support of his crazed and mindless followers who worshiped him as a new age god. They believed Obama would deliver them from Bush's hellish America all by himself because this is how cult followers think.

Cult followers don't have self-respect and self-worth. When you criticize their leader for his faults and crimes, they take it as a direct attack on their own character and identity. Instead of expanding their knowledge base and approaching reality and political personalities with a critical attitude, they react like children against attacks on the president, and get angry with the dissident who they regard as a bad person.

2. The Will To Lie: The Barack Obama Con And The History of CIA Brainwashing of America.

U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron belong to the school of thought that believes the State has a right to lie. Recently, Cameron lied about Putin's stance on Syria, and Obama lied about his role in the Fast and Furious scandal. Both examples point to a larger pattern of lying, cover-ups, and other sociopathic behaviour.

But these are minor scandals and minor episodes of Western leaders lying to the world. Lying about Syria and Fast and Furious is small compared to lying about 9/11, the origins of the financial crisis, the crimes against humanity committed by NATO in the Middle East, suppressed technology, and the CIA's ownership of the office of the U.S. presidency.

It is an open secret that John F. Kennedy was killed by the CIA, but the U.S. government has lied about his death for half a century. Also, most of the world knows that Osama Bin Laden was a CIA agent who died sometime around late 2001 and early 2002. But the CIA's deceptions don't end there. It is known inside Washington's elite that Obama is a CIA creature.

But the CIA's brainwashing of America and the world is so systematic and sophisticated that asserting any of these truths in public gets you labeled a "conspiracy theorist."

3. White House Magic: Ritual, Myth, and Presidential Performance.

Obama has taken his role as a puppet to a whole other level. He is so robot-like. Most presidents like Clinton and Reagan are natural with crowds and don't have to read off of teleprompters every time they are in public. But Obama's presidency is marked by a failure to appear authentic and persuade the world that he is who he says he is. Obama's heavily scripted speeches, little to zero improvisation, and a lack of emotion in his delivery are major leadership faults. Read more about Obama's frozen style of speech-making in this article, "The Magical Wolf In The White House: The President As A Divine Speechmaker, The People As A Herd."

The ritualistic aspects of the presidency cannot be overstated. Obama doesn't personally decide on anything except maybe the color of his suits, but he probably has advisers for that as well. His job is more symbolic. It is about his performance as the leader of the American empire.

On the night of May 1, 2011, Obama gave the "I killed Osama" speech that was intended to give him a lift at the polls, solidify his foreign policy record, and distract the public from other controversies like Obama's birth certificate. Obama's entire speech was a lie; the raid was a lie; the Pakistan connection was a lie; the participation of the Navy SEALs in the killing of Osama was a lie. The speech and Obama's performance was one big psy-op. But in the public mind it was real.

4. The White House's Power Is Based on Terror, Propaganda, And Faith, Not Public Trust, Truth, And Reason.

How do we know the White House is not lying about policies as big as the war on terror and events as big as 9/11? We don't. We have to take the President's word on faith. And only cult followers are willing to do that. Skeptics cannot afford to blindly place their trust and faith in the word of any leader or government, especially a government as crooked and evil as the one in Washington.

Facts are foreign to the sociopaths in the White House. The President and the CIA believe they can manipulate reality forever, but this is a delusion and shows that the effects of madness are kicking in. The hijacked U.S. government cannot brainwash the American people and the world with magic rituals like 9/11 anymore. In my article, "No More Rule By Slogans And Brands: Public Confidence In The PR State In D.C. Is Collapsing," I said: "Since the big 9/11 lie is accepted by less and less people, the political collapse of the bankster controlled American Empire and Israel is closer than most people think."

The White House has no real power over America. Apart from a cult-like following among the brainwashed members of American society, the President's support would be below ten percent and maybe even less. Real power is based on trust, truth, and respect for public opinion. Barack Obama and the psychologically twisted American ruling class have abandoned and betrayed the American people and basic American principles so they have no power. Moving forward, the hijacked U.S. government will have to rely increasingly on state terrorism and propaganda to coerce the will of the American people and manipulate reality.

5. The President Is A Pope.

The President of the United States is more of a religious leader than the Pope or Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei. America's counter-terrorism ideology is a state religion, and 9/11 was the sacred event that started this religion. 

The Pope classified his critics and victims as "heretics." They were tortured and killed mercilessly. President Obama classifies his victims as "militants," and his critics as "conspiracy theorists," and "racists." Obama's victims are also tortured and killed mercilessly. The President's killers and torturers in the CIA are carrying out an inquisition in the Muslim world.

But there is a big difference between the Pope and the President. The Pope doesn't have nukes. The President does. And Obama says "all options are on the table" vis-à-vis Iran, so we shouldn't be surprised if America or Israel drop a nuke or two on Iran in the future.

And if President Obama or any American President uses nuclear weapons against Iran, the President's cult-like followers in America will rationalize his act of insanity and glorify him as a bringer of peace who saved the world from the Mullahs.

Expect the brainwashed members of the religious right and the delusional left to absolve the White House of all sins and all crimes, because otherwise these cult followers will be forced to search deep into their own souls and reflect on why they blindly followed the President of the United States to World War III and the nuclear abyss.