May 28, 2012

The Naked Emperor In The White House Is Cannibalizing America And The Constitution

 Barack Obama is a cannibal president who protects cannibal banksters.

What's the difference between the naked cannibal in Miami who ripped apart and ate the face of another naked man, and the naked emperor in the White House, who is cannibalizing the Constitution and ripping apart the Bill of Rights in front of everyone?

The naked cannibal in Miami is more civilized and dignified.

The cold and naked emperor in the White House has rejected all human values and abandoned his social responsibilities of safeguarding the rule of law, the environment, and the public good.

The naked cannibal ate one man; the naked emperor in the White House is eating an entire country and civilization. It is obvious who is the greater beast: the naked emperor in the White House.

Historian Webster Tarpley said in April 2011 on the Alex Jones show that President Obama, "has created a constitutional crisis."

The world is watching and standing by as Obama and the transnational oligarchs eat America alive. I'm not using cannibalistic imagery to describe Obama's relationship to America just for the hell of it. Barack Obama is a real cannibal president who is protecting cannibal banksters and cannibal war criminals. If you strip away the illusions, take a step back from the Orwellian propaganda, and look at the treason that is taking place in Washington with unprejudiced eyes, you'll see cannibals at work.

If the sick members of the Obama administration and other past White House administrations were doing on the streets of Miami what they're doing inside the sacred space of the Oval Office, namely, eating people alive, they would meet the same fate as the naked cannibal in Miami.

We must not be taken in by appearances and fall under the illusion that American, Western, and Israeli leaders are civilized humanitarians. They are anything but civilized. They follow the code of savages. They eat their own kind in broad daylight, as we all saw on 9/11 and 7/7.

Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., and Obama are sicker monsters than the naked cannibal who ate a man's nose and eyeballs until he was put to death by Miami police. These "dignified and respectable" presidents and world leaders are monsters at heart. They are sewer rats who crawled their way into the White House and other top positions inside the U.S. government.

The U.S. political and financial ruling class is made up of primitive beasts who eat the flesh of humans, metaphorically, of course, but who knows, there might be a few perverted cannibals among them who enjoy the taste of raw human meat. Congress is full of sickos and freaks. And Obama has already admitted that he's eaten dogs, so why not human flesh? He is clearly one to experiment and expand his taste buds.

But "elite" cannibalism is nothing new. Political leaders like Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Dick Cheney, Ehud Barak, and Bibi Netanyahu are just following an ancient tradition. There is nothing special with these heartless demons and despicable creatures. Most of the world's conquerors have been cannibals of the spirit and killers of innocents. History's cannibalistic rulers and their specially selected servants of power feast on the people and sacrifice them to their cruel gods.

Obama is just the newest public face of humanity's cannibal cult that wages wars of aggression to reduce the size of the human population. He is a cannibal head of a cannibal civilization, though one that is modern, sophisticated, and "advanced."

The cannibal leaders in Washington don't eat the faces of the defenseless and the weak, they drop bombs on them from the sky, and fire missiles into their homes from thousands of miles away. But their inherent nature is still cannibalistic.

I have more respect for the naked cannibal, who at least has the decency to eat his victim out in the open, unlike the cowardly cannibals of the Federal Reserve System, Wall Street, the Pentagon, CIA, MI6, Mossad, and NATO, who hide behind propaganda.

The cowardly cannibals who did 9/11 and 7/7 are so shameless that they pretend to defend human values and human rights while they eat humanity and destroy the moral foundations of civilization in front of our eyes. These mass murderers and mass eaters are a curse on humankind.