May 10, 2012

In The Clutches of Hell: Expect 9/11 2.0 And War Against Iran

 Statue of Lady Hell on Ellis Island.
"Liberty for Milton is not something that starts with man: it starts with God. It is not something that man naturally wants for himself, but something that God is determined he shall have; man cannot want it unless he is in a regenerate state, prepared to accept the inner discipline and responsibility that go with it. Hence, as Milton says, none can love freedom but good men; the rest want not freedom but licence. When a "licentious" man says he wants liberty, what he really wants is mastery, or lust. If he cannot get mastery, he will give the name liberty to greed, to the querulous desire to be left alone with his pleasanter vices. If he cannot achieve that, he will identify liberty with its demonic parody, a glad acceptance of slavery, proceeding from the influence of Moloch and Belial to that of Mammon." - Northrop Frye. "The Return of Eden." 1965. University of Toronto Press: Toronto. Pg. 85-86.

"Of the hell of Paradise Lost Professor Wilson Knight has said 'that it is peopled by beings of tragic wisdom and masterful resolve' in short, by Prometheuses. But precisely because of that, his other dictum, that in Satan Milton expresses and half-condemns his own impatient demand for a perfect Christian order, is inadequate. What Milton 'half-condemns' is much more than that. It is everything Prometheus stands for, in a conception which regards every human assertion and progress as a trespass, committed under the high patronage of the father of all self-assertion and hybridic trespass: Lucifer, alias Satan, alias the devil, alias the Prince of this World. As he is the sole power-carrier in our present universe, every progress and activity is associated with him and dissociated from God, and is, consequently, in need of salvation.

Here, I think, is the root of of the trouble with Paradise Lost. Milton's treatment of Satan and of the problem of history and civilization may go against the grain of more modern-minded Christians, and they would be loath to admit that the late Archbishop's strictures on the poem as a failure, really imply the relative failure of Christianity. We have a Zeus-like God, a Son who as yet refuses to wield power, and a humanity which, because it is created in a Creator-God's own image, is brimful of enterprise and creative energy. In the prevailing psychic constellation however this energy is 'bedevilled' and sacrificed to the hubris fear-complex. Lucifer, not being worshiped, is thus condemned, and with him Prometheus with whom he now is associated." - R. J. Zwi Werblowsky. “Lucifer and Prometheus: A Study of Milton’s Satan." 1952. Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd: London. Pg. 96-97.
In the last month, there has been an explosion of predictions that a new false flag event is going to happen soon. Of course, these predictions have been made ever since the last false flag event in America, 9/11. But something is new this time around.

On the surface, things are heating up. There are massive counter-terrorism build ups in Chicago and London (almost like pre-war preparation); President Obama is being contested and desperately needs a big injection of public sympathy heading into November; and the war propaganda against Iran isn't working so the devils in Tel Aviv, London, and Washington are looking to the false flag option to blacken Iran's name before attacking it.

What is mot strange is that these false flag predictions are not just being made in the Internet wilderness. A leading political figure and members of the U.S. military are throwing their weight into the anti-false flags movement.

Presidential candidate Ron Paul, who has more popularity than Obama and Romney combined, warned in late April in a speech in Austin, Texas, that the bad guys in Washington will pull off a false flag operation to get another war going in the Middle East and crackdown on the American people.

Also, back in February, actor and activist Ed Asner told the Alex Jones Show that he was informed by Navy Seals sources that a false flag event and a war against Iran are both being planned. At the time, Kurt Nimmo wrote in an article called, "Navy Seals Say False Flag to be Blamed on Iran May Happen at Anytime: Ed Asner":
Asner said it is up to the American people to recognize and prevent an imminent false flag operation and stop another disastrous war before it gets started. He said the Navy Seals are now coming forward because they are worried that an Iran false flag attack “runs the danger” of creating a “world-wide conflict if it gets out of hand.”
The most disturbing factor in all of this is that we have lived in a pre-9/11 2.0 atmosphere for almost eleven years now. We are held hostage to false flag terror. Nobody ever thought that there would be only one false flag event and that would be it. 9/11 was the grand opening act in a long drama. Some people say that 7/7 was the second 9/11, but it wasn't. 7/7 was England's 9/11. The sequel to 9/11 will happen in America, where the original was made. America is where the action is. It is where the Director can say cut and change the script.

Another false flag location that has been discussed in various articles and videos is the Persian Gulf, where the USS Enterprise is stationed, a ship which is "the very first nuclear powered vessel," writes Zen Gardner. Destroying the USS Enterprise in the Persian Gulf and blaming Iran for the deed will allow America and Israel to accomplish two objectives: poison Iran's land mass and its image.

I think the next false flag event won't be "one and done." It will be a string of events. The crazies in power can go crazy with it. Why settle for just an American city or the Persian Gulf? Why not stage multiple false flags in a very short span of time? That is what I would do if I was evil and had power.

Since the two main enemies of the U.S.-Israeli Empire are the American people and the Iranian nation, they will be targeted in the false flags ahead.

Let's face it. The world's fate is in the hands of the angels of hell right now. We should not expect mercy. We should expect death and catastrophe, because those are two things that governments around the world are planning for. And, whether it is by coincidence or not, those are the two things that they know how to do very well.

So be mentally prepared for false flags and a war against Iran. Do not be shocked and scared because that is what the state terrorists want out of you. And remind your fellow citizens to not get angry at the patsy, whether it is a country or a made-up terrorist group.

The bad guys win when we lose our heads and forfeit our common sense in a time of crisis.

We have to remember that human reason and divine love can defeat state terror and mindless obedience to government.

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