May 24, 2012

The Magical Wolf In The White House: The President As A Divine Speechmaker, The People As A Herd

 President Obama giving a speech in a kindergarten class.
"If speech is the bank-note of an inward capital of culture, of insight and noble human worth, then speech is precious, and the art of speech shall be honored. But if there is no inward capital; if speech represent no real culture of the mind, but an imaginary culture; no bullion, but the fatal and now almost hopeless deficit of such? Alas, alas, said bank-note is then a forged one; passing freely current in the market; but bringing damages to the receiver, to the payer, and to all the world, which are in sad truth infallible, and of amount incalculable. Few think of it at present; but the truth remains forever so. In parliaments and other loud assemblages, your eloquent talk, disunited from Nature and her facts, is taken as wisdom and the correct image of said facts: but Nature well knows what it is, Nature will not have it as such, and will reject your forged note one day, with huge costs."

"He who lies with his very tongue, he clearly enough has long ceased to think truly in his mind. Does he, in any sense, "think"? All his thoughts and imaginations, if they extend beyond mere beaverisms, astucities and sensualisms, are false, incomplete, perverse, untrue even to himself. He has become a false mirror of this Universe; not a small mirror only, but a crooked, bedimmed and utterly deranged one. "

"For no man, and for no body or biggest multitude of men, has Nature favor, if they part company with her facts and her. Excellent stump-orator; eloquent parliamentary dead-dog, making motions, passing bills; reported in the Morning Newspapers, and reputed the "best speaker going"? From the Universe of Fact he has turned himself away; he is gone into partnership with the Universe of Phantasm; finds it profitablest to deal in forged notes, while the foolish shopkeepers will accept them. Nature for such a man, and for Nations that follow such, has her patibulary forks, and prisons of death everlasting:—dost thou doubt it? Unhappy mortal, Nature otherwise were herself a Chaos and no Cosmos." - Thomas Carlyle, "Stump-Orator," from, "Latter-Day Pamphlets." Published: May 1, 1850.
There is no one in the world that gives more speeches than the President of the United States. Whether he is fundraising for his party, campaigning for a second term, or selling national security myths, the President is always on a podium.

Among Presidents, Obama has probably delivered the most speeches ever. Barack is like a comic book super hero with the teleprompter. It is always with him. He takes it to kindergarten classes, military academies, political fundraisers, everywhere. It is his magic tool that he uses to make up reality and manipulate matter.

Obama's speechmaking prowess is legendary. He is the Marathon President. He is the Kenyan track star version of Presidents. He makes speeches as if he's running laps around the public.

Obama's day on Wednesday, May 23, went like this (from White House Dossier):
"Obama’s slog began at around 7:00 am when he departed the White House for Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he gave the commencement address at the United States Air Force Academy. He then staged three fundraisers, culminating in the final one in Redwood city, which ended for him at 10:17 PM  local time, but 1:17 am Obama Time – that is, Eastern Daylight Time."
Imagine if you had to give that many speeches and speak to crowds over and over again in a single day, and repeat the same program countless number of times in a year. You have to be a robot to go through it. And the President of the United States is very much like a robot.

The President as a divinely inspired speechmaker and manipulator of mass memory are his biggest roles. He does not decide matters of war and peace, or give his input on how to fix the economy. The President has no control over these vast global problems. He's not a commander in chief. He's an actor.

The President's job is more elemental. It is about salesmanship. But it's even greater than that. The President is a political psychotherapist. He is the political version of Dr. Phil or Oprah. But the President is not just any authority: he is THE authority on reality. When it comes out the lips of the President, it becomes historical fact. Obama is like God. Bush was also like God, his word was holy gospel. Stalin enjoyed the same power.

The White House can invent and reinvent reality as long as people think it is bad to question what the President says, and regard criticism of American society's sacred narratives as "conspiracy theories."

But the White House is not the only power in this game. The totalitarian American political system is more powerful and prestigious than the Soviet Union and other systems because it has Hollywood and the quasi-private mass media in its corner.

Journalists and filmmakers assist the Pentagon, the CIA, and the White House in their deception of the American people and humanity. Our American-dominated globalized village is under the influence of American propaganda more so than America's powerful military.

Israel also plays a big and fundamental role in the political process of memory manipulation in America and the world. Mossad agents in the world press and Hollywood have a memory lock on all things related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the false flag 9/11 events.

The state terrorists in Washington and Tel Aviv who did 9/11 think of themselves as the masters of mass memory. President Obama, his National Security team, and the political-media elite believe it is their job to maintain the 9/11 myth until they have remade the world with it.

So far, they have used the 9/11 myth to destroy the American Constitution, legitimize a global war on terror that costs trillions of dollars, and sink the Middle East in the fires of hell.

But they're not done; they're only beginning. Obama has many more speeches to make before the night is through.

So sit tight and hang on for the wild ride. And what ever you do, don't look down. 

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