April 5, 2012

The Madness of Israel: Israel Is Dreaming About War In The Clouds of Illusion

 Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a mad dreamer. But he's not the only one. He hopes some day you'll join him, and the world will be as dust.

The madness of Israel and America attacking Iran is obvious.

But madness is nothing new to mankind. Let's face it. We are a mad species.

World War I was completely crazy, unnecessary, and achieved no purpose other than make a few powerful internationalist bankers and industrialists even more powerful.

The vast majority of soldiers in World War I got too caught up in the spirit of patriotism and glory, and failed to ask the big questions about the meaning of the war and the meaning of their lives. They were brainwashed and led into battle like sheep. It was only when they came home that they actually began to think. But by then it was too late. Their souls and minds were ruined. It is understandable why a lot of WWI veterans went nuts. 

The madness of war was revealed again a generation later in 1939. In school we were taught to believe that a lone madman in Germany started the whole damn thing. I can't believe I fell for that as a kid. I was always suspicious because it's hard to believe that one man can shape history on his own. Hitler was guilty for war crimes, but he wasn't the only one who was blameworthy. We now know that Wall Street funded Hitler and put him in power, and that the Pearl Harbor story was a lie.

So WWII was much bigger than Hitler. There were larger and more evil forces at work in the world and they used their financial power over governments on both sides of the Atlantic to start a second world war and get even more power over the nations of the world. The maniac Hitler didn't achieve his insane dream of a thousand-year Third Reich, but the international bankers who drove America to war got their United Nations, which is not humanitarian and does not protect human rights.

In our time, the madness of war is more transparent than ever because of the communications revolution and the rise of the Internet. Our generation knows more suppressed history and concealed truths than past generations. The global alternative media is destroying USraeli war propaganda and their politically-driven version of reality and history.

The global 9/11 truth and justice movement has demonstrated the power of the people and the power of truth. The American, British, and Israeli governments can no longer rely on the false flag tactic to trick their populations into supporting their evil aggression against innocent nations in the Middle East.

The game of power and statesmanship has changed forever because of the awakening of the people of the world. 

But we are not out of the woods yet. The world is on the edge of a third world war. This one will most likely be nuclear if the criminal madmen in Tel Aviv, Washington, and London have their way. 

People are saying that the Persians with the bomb is scary. Well, I'm not very comfortable with the idea of Jews with the bomb. Or Americans. Or anybody. Nobody should have nukes. It is a barbaric and suicidal weapon that should be destroyed like The Ring in The Lord of the Rings.

We have more to fear from the leaders of America and Israel than the leaders of other nuclear states because of their arrogance, aggression, and determination to dominate others. The totalitarian terrorist states of Israel and America have shown that they are more unstable and crazy than the Islamic government of Iran, which is hard to believe because of all the war propaganda against Iran.

Of course, the Mullahs are not nice guys, but at least they're rational power players who act with caution. The false flag 9/11 attacks proved that Washington and Tel Aviv are not led by rational men. They are led by mad and delusional tyrants who are divorced from reality and from their own people. 

If all we had were sticks and stones instead of nuclear weapons then a war would make more sense. If this was 1812, a war would do us some good. We would have an opportunity to win glory, make memories, humble the other side, and lose some steam. But this is 2012, and a war in the nuclear age is a suicidal and crazy idea. We can't be warriors anymore. We must destroy the romanticism of war with the force of truth and the clarity of new ideas.

We have to apply our aggression to pursuits other than war. We have to get creative about devising new international contests to demonstrate our national pride. That's what the Olympics is all about. We don't have to like each other. There is no need to hold hands and sing kumbaya like a bunch of hippies. But there are better ways to solving problems than wars and sanctions.

What Israel, America, and the NATO countries are doing in the Middle East is completely crazy and evil. And what Washington has done to Cuba, North Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan is barbaric. Washington has starved innocent babies and children to punish a foe! Washington is worse than  Genghis Khan and his army of barbarians.

History is full of examples of arrogant conquerors who made one fatal mistake after many victories and collapsed in ruin. Napoleon's invasion of Russia is one example. If Israel and the United States were to bomb Iran they would join the list.

If America was at its peak, it would be a different story. But it is currently overstretched and facing an unprecedented economic crisis. Plus, the American people do not want their country to go out in a blaze of glory by conquering Persia. They do not want a war with Iran. And the Iranian people do not want to fight America. 

II. The Madness of Israel: 2 Reasons Why Israel Is Dreaming About War Against Iran In The Clouds of Illusion

By Israel I mean the monstrous Israeli government and its invisible occult masters, not the intelligent and brave Israeli people who do not want to fight Iran and who are being deceived daily about the fictitious Iranian threat by their government and media. 

1. The Israeli government recently said that in a war against Iran, Israel will suffer very few casualties. The number they gave was less than 300. This is a joke. The propaganda officers in Israel are making a big mistake by producing their war assessments based on Hollywood fiction and pie in the sky scenarios.

Israel likes to view itself as a free colony with nukes battling the barbaric Persian race and their cruel leaders who want to destroy them. This mythology is wrong, stupid, and dangerous. It is demonstrative of Jewish racism and elitism.

Israel was defeated by Hezbollah in the summer of 2006, so how strong is it, really? It has nukes, global media resources, and America, but other than those three assets it is small and weak. It's relationship with America is faltering, and its dominant narrative of 9/11 and the Palestinian struggle is no longer believed in by the majority of the planet. Israel is acting like a giant when in reality it is really a mice with nuclear bombs strapped to its chest, threatening to blow up the world if the world demands justice for Palestinians and justice for 9/11 victims.

In a war against Iran, 300 Israelis may lose their lives in the first week in a war that will last longer than Israel's arrogant leaders think. After a year of heavy combat in a war that they started, will Israelis freeze and cry like little babies? Iran suffered many casualties in the Iran-Iraq war so it is experienced in fighting a long, drawn-out war with an arrogant enemy that overstepped its boundaries. 

Israel's underestimation of Iran shows that it is led by mad and stupid men. It is never a good thing to underestimate your enemy. It is a sign of weakness and arrogance. Israel's leaders like to tease their enemies, especially defenseless Palestinians who are held helpless in a cage, but it is better to respect your enemy and recognize his strengths and weaknesses.

2. The Israeli government says a war against Iran will be short. Again, this is proof of arrogance and delusion within the Israeli establishment. Israel can only put out this kind of war propaganda because it has a stockpile of nuclear weapons while Iran's hands are tied by the international community. So this is not a very fair fight. Israel is standing on the shoulders of the giant that is America and throwing stones at Iran, provoking it into hitting the giant's arms and feet. Israel believes it can safely sit on the giant's shoulders during the war and watch the show underneath an iron dome. This is the definition of cowardice and cruelty. 

The only way a war against Iran will be short is if Israel's mad leaders annihilate Iran in the first week of the war with its nukes, and be responsible for the genocide of an ancient civilization. Save a genocide against Iran, Israel will be defeated in a war with Iran and its allies in the region.

If Israel and America attack Iran, Iran will be justified to respond with wrath. The level of destruction and suffering throughout the Middle East will be unbearable. Even if it is a short war, Israel's leaders and America's leaders will be rightly viewed as the ones responsible for initiating a criminal war against Iran. The people of the Middle East will act to remove Israel and America from the region permanently because of their crimes against humanity and mass killing of innocent people. Not one Israeli, British, French, or American will be allowed to remain in the Middle East. They will have overstayed their welcome. The Pakistanis, Afghans, Turks, Persians, Kurds, and Arabs will unite under Islam and drive the Zionists and Imperialists out. They will reclaim their dignity by throwing out the foreign occupiers.

The war against Iran and Islam will not be short. It will be brutal, violent, bloody, and insanely destructive. In his recent article called, "US-Israel War on Iran: The Myth of Limited Warfare," Professor James Petras said: 
"War, especially an Israeli-US war against Iran is indissolubly linked to the asymmetrical US-Israeli relationship, which sidelines and censors any critical US military and political analysis. Because Israel’s Zionist power configuration in the US can now harness US military power in support of Israel’s drive for regional dominance, Israeli leaders and most of their military feel free to engage in the most outrageous military and destructive adventures, knowing full well that in the first and last instance they can rely on the US to support them with American blood and treasure. But after all of this grotesque servitude to a racist ,isolated country, who will rescue the United States ? Who will prevent the sinking of its ships in the Gulf and the death and maiming of hundreds of its sailors and thousands of its soldiers? And where will the Israelis and US Zionists be when Iraq is overrun by elite Iranian troops and their Iraqi Shia allies and a generalized uprising occurs in Afghanistan ?

The self-centered Israeli policy-makers overlook the likely collapse of the world oil supply as a result of their planned war against Iran . Do their Zionist agents in the US realize that as a result of dragging the US into Israel ’s war, that the Iranian nation will be forced to set the Persian Gulf oilfields ablaze? 

How cheap has it become to ‘buy a war’ in the US ? For a mere few million dollars in campaign contributions to corrupt politicians, and through the deliberate penetration of Israel-First agents, academics and politicians into the war-making machinery of the US government, and through the moral cowardice and self-censorship of leading critics, writers and journalists who refuse to name Israel and its agents as the key decision makers in our country’s Mid East policy, we head directly toward a war far beyond any regional military conflagration and toward the collapse of the world economy and the brutal impoverishment of hundreds of millions of people North and South, East and West."
III. The Leaders of Israel And America Are Unjust And Mentally Deranged Bullies

In the Middle East schoolyard, Israel, America, and NATO are the bullies. And bullies are arrogant cowards.

Like all bullies, what Israel and America need is a good ass-kicking. Then, they won't be able to murder defenseless people in their homes, constantly threaten peaceful nations with war and sanctions, and provoke conflicts for power and plunder.

The rulers of America, Israel, and NATO are suffering from the disease of arrogance. Power makes one mad and arrogant. It separates you from reality. America and Israel have thousands of nukes to threaten Iran and other nations with, but they don't have the democratic force of international public opinion on their side.

Let's imagine a world in which Iran is gone from the map, and Israel and the United States are free to commit any crime in the Middle East without facing any consequences. If you ask most people on planet Earth if they want to live in such a world they would say no. They would describe such a world as a nightmare.

The world would be more secure and peaceful if Iran had nuclear weapons, not less. Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya did not have nuclear weapons -- and their people suffered greatly because of American, Israeli, and Western aggression. 

Israel and the United States are the world's biggest rogue terrorist states. They are led by crazy war criminals who deserve to burn in hell. They cannot be allowed to roam the world like wild beasts and kill whoever they want because no nation is brave enough to rise and stop their evil aggression.