April 10, 2012

The Federal Reserve's Medicine Men: Heroes Of A New Dawn, Or Vampires Of A Dying Night?

 Ben Bernanke: Financial Terrorist And Mass Murderer. Method of Killing Innocent Americans: Devaluing The Dollar.

What Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve banksters have done to the American people makes what Bernie Madoff did to his investors look like child's play.

Bernanke's megalomania is a threat to America's economic liberty and global economic stability. He should be handcuffed and immediately placed in a CIA-run psychiatric hospital for mental examination before his trial for crimes against America and crimes against humanity.

II. End The Fraudulent Global War on Terror And Begin The Global War on Private Central Banking

The American founding fathers fought a war against the banksters, and won. On October 19, 2007, Mike Hewitt of DollarDaze.org wrote about America's perpetual struggle against privately owned central banks in an article called, "America's Forgotten War Against the Central Banks." Here is an excerpt:
Prominent Americans such as Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson have argued and fought against the central banking polices used throughout Europe.

A note issued by a central bank, such as the Federal Reserve Note, is bank currency. These notes are given to the government in exchange for an interest-bearing government bond. The primary means to pay for the interest on these bonds is to borrow more bank notes, thus beginning a vicious cycle that ultimately ends with the complete destruction of the currency and bankruptcy of the nation. History is replete with such occurrences.
The financial collapse of America is the latest reminder to humanity to remain ever vigilant against the demonic danger that transnational central banks pose to individual liberty and economic well-being.

The vampires who control the Federal Reserve Bank were able to sell the idea of a private central bank to the American people in 1913 by orchestrating financial chaos and then using the mass media to indoctrinate the public about the necessity of establishing an all-powerful banking structure. Besides spreading disinformation in the press to shock and awe the public into accepting a private central bank, the creators of the Fed also manipulated language to advance their anti-freedom agenda. Hewitt wrote:
The deceptive terminology of the name was carefully chosen because the American public did not want a central bank similar to those in Europe. The Federal Reserve is not a federal governmental entity nor is it a reserve, such as a governmental treasury, backing up its currency. The Federal Reserve is a legalized cartel of the money supply owned by private national banks, operating for the benefit of the few under the guise of protecting and promoting public interests.
Nearly a century after its creation, the Federal Reserve is facing the fiercest public resistance in its shameful and treacherous history. The popularity of Ron Paul is connected to his pledge to repeal the Federal Reserve Act and honor the sacrifices made by the founding generation of America who fought and died so America would be free from the injustice of private central banks.

Many people see a new era of financial liberty and economic sanity on the global horizon. On April 10, Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge wrote that "the era of independent central banks is closing as those institutions revert to their foundational role as fiscal agents of the state." But the Federal Reserve Vampires will not go away without consuming as much blood and money from their victims as possible.

The apologists of the Federal Reserve dictatorship in the American press accuse critics of being paranoid conspiracy theorists while deifying the Fed's current chairman, Ben Bernanke. Recently, the Atlantic magazine published a cover with a picture of a saintly Bernanke and a glaring headline beneath him that says: The Hero. It is a disgusting piece of propaganda. Absolutely shameless. And also very amateurish.

But I can't blame the establishment media for failing to raise Bernanke to the status of politically untouchable because Bernanke is simply not the hero type. He is the spit fire in your face, and laugh as he watches you burn type. No regime has the propaganda powers to make a saint out of a villain once the public has already been exposed to the villain's deeds and arrogance.

It would've been better if Bernanke had never opened his mouth in public and maintained the mystique around the Federal Reserve Monster. He would've appeared more wise and infallible. But Ron Paul, by exposing Bernanke's lies and false promises in Congress, destroyed the Federal Reserve's infallibility. He uncloaked the Emperor, and in response, the Emperor's minions have tried to ignore him and belittle him.

But the damage is already done. Dr. Paul pointed to the writing on the Federal Reserve wall and said to the American people: read it, and break that wall just as our forefathers would have done. 

Bernanke, the Federal Reserve Vampires, and their shameless media minions cannot undo what Ron Paul has done, and rewrite history by demonizing Dr. Paul and deifying Ben Bernanke. The game is over, and they know it.