March 7, 2012

The Western/Israeli War Against Iran Is A Distraction From The Global Financial And Political Crisis

"You notice all this is happening as the world hurdles into a depression, as world government is openly announced. This giant war that's being prepared is the political distraction that they need to clamp down domestically. And it's going to help the Mullahs as well. They want to hold onto power, they don't care if their country gets bombed or wrecked. That will actually keep them in power." - Alex Jones, March 6, 2012. 

"After reading Bibi Netanyahu’s profoundly delusional and mendacious Aipac speech from earlier today, I’m left with two impressions: the most important one is that Israel will attack Iran.  His remarks read like a declaration of war." - Richard Silverstein, "Bibi's Declaration Of War (On Iran)" March 6, 2012.

"And you, chiefs and governors of the people! before dragging the masses into the quarrels resulting from your diverse opinions, let the reasons for and against your views be given. Let us establish one solemn controversy, one public scrutiny of truth -- not before the tribunal of a corruptible individual, or of a prejudiced party, but in the grand forum of mankind -- guarded by all their information and all their interests. Let the natural sense of the whole human race be our arbiter and judge." - Constantin-François Volney, "The Ruins."
The global financial crisis, caused by Western banks and made worse by Western governments, is drastically reducing the credibility of Western institutions and leaders.

America's leaders are facing a crisis of political legitimacy because of their treason against the American people and Constitution. They are acting in a state of emergency, so they believe the rule of law does not apply to them.

Israel's leaders are facing a crisis of political legitimacy in their neck of the woods, too. But it is the Arab Spring, not the financial crisis, that is threatening them and undermining their political supremacy.

Iran's leaders are also facing a crisis of political legitimacy. The young generation of Iran, which is half of the country, is not drawn to Islam. They loathe being told how to live and what to think by a group of old, corrupt, and morally degenerate tyrants who rule in the name of God. 

All three regimes in America, Israel, and Iran are radical, revolutionary, authoritarian, fascist, deeply secretive, criminal, cynical, and cruel.

America's revolutionary Neocons and new world order master planners have overthrown regimes in the name of spreading Western democracy. They have done this by using the political tricks of Machiavelli, false flag terrorism, psychological warfare in the media, and mind control techniques developed by modern totalitarian-corporatist think tanks.

Iran's revolutionary Islamist leaders, who were placed on the throne by the CIA and MI6 after a brief period of post-revolutionary turmoil in Iran, have manipulated the movements for democracy in the Arab world for the last thirty years. And they have done this to great effect in Shiite constituencies in Bahrain, Lebanon, Iraq, and across the Arab street. They are not as radical and irrational as the demonic leaders in America and Israel, but they're equally ruthless when their power is on the line.

Israel's revolutionary Zionists are the most dangerous because they have nuclear weapons, a record of aggression and terrorism against peaceful states, and a clear plan to set up a Greater Israel on the blood of Arabs, Americans, and Persians.

The policy of mass brainwashing by the totalitarian governments and media in all three nations has produced two groups of people: one group that is slavish to the government and hopelessly asleep, and another group that is awakened, active, and angry. The second group of citizens is threatening the power and political legitimacy of all three ruling establishments.

In America, the Occupy Wall Street, End the Fed, and 9/11 truth movements are converting new acolytes every day. The political awakening of the American people is no longer a matter of rhetoric, but a political reality. National Security Dogma no longer dominates the thinking of the American people. The days of piecemeal economic and political reform measures have come and gone. The days of revolution are here.

In Iran, the Reform movement will continue to grow and blossom if no war is launched by the West and Israel. But if a war is started, the Reform movement will get killed by the Mullahs fairly quickly. The desperate Mullahs are barely hanging on. In the recent Iranian parliamentary elections, less than half of the people voted, and those who did vote were not enthusiastic but only chose to vote out of a sense of patriotism. They knew that a low turnout would've guaranteed a campaign of anti-Iranian Western propaganda, which would've thrown the country into chaos once again.

In Israel, the social justice movement is threatening the radical right-wing government and reaffirming Jewish values in the Jewish state. Netanyahu and Barak are fully committed to the unrealizable vision of a Greater Israel, which means wiping the Palestinians totally off the map. That political feat can only be done during a total world war with Iran and the forces of Islam.

The political trend in all three nations is clear and irreversible. The days of all three ruling regimes are numbered.

The greedy rulers of America, Iran, and Israel know they are all sitting on a volcano of rage and hatred. The majority of people in all three countries have no faith in their rulers to provide the basics of life, mainly, food and security. As a result of the lack of public confidence, the political stability of their totalitarian-fascist systems is collapsing. Instead of pushing for reform, which is too late, they are pushing for war, which is never too late.

A world war will save their necks for the time being, but it will destroy America, Israel, and Iran. A wartime crisis will give all three despotic regimes the perfect opportunity to kill dissidents and annihilate hope for peaceful and democratic change. President Obama didn't request the assassination provisions in the 2012 NDAA Act for nothing. Obama's globalist masters intend to use the new presidential killing powers to wipe out the anti-NWO political opposition in the United States.

When America's NWO masters finally go to war with Iran, they will go to war with the 9/11 Truth, End the Fed, and Occupy Wall Street movements. Those 30,000 drones will be useful for the blind butchers in Homeland Security. Death will literally rain down on "domestic terrorists" and "anti-government extremists," meaning, anyone who wants change and freedom in America and the West.

And there's nowhere to run and hide. The Devil and his Drones must be faced down. We are in hell now. This is a global battlefield. And the United States, England, and Israel are 21st century Mongols. Their objective is to destroy every culture and country. They want to destroy both the West and the Middle East.

We truly live in a prison planet. And the guards in government want to keep it that way by starting a war among the inmates, and use the crisis to enforce stiffer rules and penalties.

The totalitarian government guards each have their own corners of mind control operations, where they dominate and exploit their brainwashed slaves. Iran's Islamist guards have the Islamist corner, where people are Islamic slaves. Israel's Zionist guards have the Zionist corner, where people are slaves to a two-tiered and terrorist system. And the Western NWO guards have the NWO corner, where people are NWO slaves. The NWO guards are the most dangerous and ruthless because they want to control the entire prison, not just one big corner. 

But the global prison system that is based on government oppression, totalitarian lies, and world wars is breaking down due to the massive global political awakening.

The totalitarian regimes in America, Israel, and Iran are politically unstable, economically weak, and will eventually collapse. They are lost and dead regimes because they refuse to change their methods and policies vis-à-vis their subjects, and the outside world. History will judge all three regimes as insane, despotic, barbaric, cruel, and evil.

They desperately need a large world war to distract their awakening societies from their epic corruption, exploitation, and treason. It is a trait of all despotic rulers that they cynically use the outpouring of blood and grief to garner public support, and hide the reality that they are guilty of manipulating the people for power, money, and glory.

How will they explain World War III? How will America and Israel explain attacking Iran? How will America and Israel explain the false flag 9/11 events? How will England explain the 7/7 attacks?

Of course, they are not planning to explain their crimes against humanity. They are planning to carry out murder on a mass scale, systematically rewrite not just human history but also human consciousness, and destroy the truth of history. In the process, they have already killed truth-tellers, and whistleblowers. Conspiracy theorists aka dissidents are the only force that is standing in their path of destruction and genocide. 

The angels of death in Washington, Tel Aviv, London, and other capitals will kill until they accomplish all of their objectives. History is their little creation. Humanity is their little toy. World War III is their little pet project.

World War III is being cooked in the totalitarian soup kitchen, and force-fed to the world in a bowl mixed with poisonous lies and totalitarian myths. The devilish chefs of war want to shove their hot dish of evil down our collective throats, and burn millions of people alive.