March 25, 2012

Shameless Obama Pokes Fun At The Fact That His Birth Certificate Is A Proven Forgery

Activist Post: Obama Asks to See Hawaiian Woman's Birth Certificate
At Friday's meet and greet in Oklahoma, President Obama took a prime opportunity to make light of the conflict surrounding his actual birth place.

A woman shaking his hand mentioned their one commonality: being born in Hawaii.

“Oh yeah, you’re a Hawaiian? You and me?” he grinned and asked. “You have your birth certificate?”  And the small crowd squealed with laughter. Continued. . .
The Intel Hub: Lord Monckton: Obama’s Birth Certificate is a Plain Forgery, and I Would Regard that as a Serious Matter
Lord Moncton stands up for freedom and the constitution, calling out on the Denis Miller Show that Obama’s birth certificate is indeed a forgery — saying;
“What he has done on the White House website is put up a document that is a plain forgery, and I would regard that as a serious matter”.
Clearly, Barack Obama has no shame. He is making fun of the fact that he is scamming and betraying the American people.