March 8, 2012

Palestinian plight no longer on world agenda

Israel's grand plan:

1. Accuse Iran of seeking the destruction of Israel, without providing any evidence.
2. Accuse Iran of building nuclear weapons to bomb Israel, without providing any evidence.
3. Unleash the propaganda dogs in the American and world media to demonize Iran.
4. Get America to bomb Iran.
5. Get Palestine out of the international public mind. Make them disappear from the media.
6. While Iran is being bombed by the Americans and NATO, bomb the Palestinians and take the rest of their land.
7. Annihilate Hezbollah and take southern Lebanon.
8. Create a Greater Israel.
9. Laugh at the West and at America.
10. Destroy the Arabs and Iran. Declare Israel as the top dog in the sands of the Middle East.