March 14, 2012

America And Israel Are Planning Mayan-Like Destruction For Iran And The World

 Future Scene: President Barack Obama Addresses A Hypnotized America, And Demands Persian Blood.

According to Russian diplomats, America is giving Iran one last chance before the bombs start to fall. 

On March 14, 2012, Russia Today reported that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered the threat of an American attack on Iran to Russian diplomat Sergey Lavrov in New York on Monday, March 12. Clinton does not wish to meet her enemy face to face because she is a coward.

RT quoted an unnamed Russian diplomat as saying, "The invasion will happen before year’s end. The Israelis are de facto blackmailing Obama. They’ve put him in this interesting position – either he supports the war or loses the support of the Jewish lobby."

The satanic war criminals in Washington and Tel Aviv have nothing on Iran. So far, they have only made accusations and allegations that Iran is building nuclear weapons without providing any proof whatsoever. As I wrote in a previous article, the U.S. and Israeli case against Iran is purely political, and has nothing to do with preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, because they know Iran is not building any.

Iran is not a military threat to America, Israel, or the world. But America and Israel are military threats to the world.

The issue is not Iran and the Mullahs. The issue is the deliberate creation of a clash of civilizations between Islam and the West in order to distract the population in both places from grave economic hardship, and massive political changes, which will culminate in the completion of a new global fascist government.

America, England, France, and Israel are all led by Satanists who are loyal to secret mystery cults and secret societies and want to create global chaos to accelerate the establishment of their global authoritarian government. This new artificial government will not be based not on consent and free will, but on coercion and military force.

The satanic war criminals in Washington plan to roll out this beast of a government to the global public after a period of great strife and global turmoil. And they will do so in the name of world peace and global harmony. But first they will create chaos and destruction by attacking Iran and triggering a total war throughout the Middle East and the world.

Satanist slaves like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Benjamin Netanyahu are not really interested in peace and harmony, but rather in the manipulation of the global masses and global politics in order to seize total control of the world. They aim to destroy not just Iran, and by extension, Israel, but also America and Europe. They are planning Mayan-like destruction for Iran and the entire Middle East, including Israel.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, the Neocons, the CFR imperialists, the Bilderberg conspirators, the international banksters, the satanic psychopaths, and the plutocratic puppeteers must be stopped and brought to justice for their war crimes and crimes against humanity. This is a global emergency. These people are nuts. They are planning to start World War III by December 2012.

We cannot let them get away with mass murder on a global scale.

Forget Joseph Kony. The global alternative media needs to launch a global Internet campaign to bring 9/11 truth into the mainstream, and inspire world citizens to stop Netanyahu and all the other insane imperialist warmongers in Israel, America, and the West. The world is sick and tired of these vampires and maniacs. The followers of Satan and worshipers of power in Washington, London, Tel Aviv, and Tehran have messed up their countries and the world. This planet needs better caretakers.