March 1, 2012

Alex Jones: Did The Obama Crime Machine Kill Breitbart?

Does the name Donald Young ring a bell? According to journalist Wayne Madsen, Young, who was the gay choir-director of Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ, was one of Obama's many secret gay lovers. But he mysteriously died on December 24, 2007, before the Obama mania took America by storm.

Obama's political handlers are definitely thorough. Cold-blooded killers know how to get rid of a problem quietly, in the night, and cover up their trail of blood and lies. Obama comes from the school of thought that "power is everything." If his professional handlers believe his image and his power is being threatened too greatly by someone or by some fact, they move in for the kill.

Was Breitbart becoming too big of a problem, and needed to be taken out, mafia-style? This is only speculation at this point. But 43 is too young for someone to die of natural causes, so let the conspiracy theories fly and we'll see where the truth lands.

The murder of Donald Young established a pattern of murder, and cover-up by Obama's handlers. So the pattern is there. The motive is there. The power to cover it up is there. And the killers are there, in the background. We have to ask the age-old question: Cui bono?

Why is the media mute on Obama's secret history, and shady past? Why is no journalist in the mainstream media facing down this demon from hell? Is it because they know that behind the facade of Obama hides a gang of murderers and fraudsters who will kill critics, dissenters, and problems like Donald Young?

In politics, you must have a wild imagination to get to the truth because it is a very dirty and wild game. No question is out of bounds. Not in politics. Not in America. Not in 2012. All questions must be raised. There is no such thing as an "indecent" or "despicable" question when it comes to the lives and careers of successful modern politicians, many of whom are psychopathic, immoral, and probably suffer from a range of brain disorders. Anything is possible with these freaks.

Politicians like Cheney, Bush, Clinton, Blair, and Obama are not mentally sound individuals. They have dark secrets, and dark minds. Murder is part of their natural territory. They are demons who hunt power and crave to speak to brainwashed crowds. The lives of innocents be damned. When their power comes under threat by an individual or a social movement, murder instantly becomes their first, second, and third option.

Under totalitarian regimes, mass murder is easier than mass control. And we are seeing the political and bureaucratic revolution of such a regime in America and other Western countries. The totalitarian crazies in America, Israel, and the West have lived off of the totalitarian 9/11 lie for more than a decade. To keep their profitable game of death going, and maintain their absolute power over the masses, they need to stage more false flag attacks, and create more totalitarian lies to serve as new excuses for more campaigns of mass murder in the Middle East.

Obama will probably start World War III this year by attacking Iran, or letting Israel attack Iran. Anybody who gets in Obama's way and in the way of his masters will see death. Without political deaths and mass murder, the totalitarian fascist regimes in Washington and Tel Aviv cannot survive.

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