February 24, 2012

The Media And GOP Are Suppressing The Reality That Ron Paul Has Reached Critical Mass

 Ron Paul: A Leader of Men.

What lies ahead for America, the West, and humanity in the immediate future is pain, disease, suffering, and destruction. A looming hyper-inflationary financial crisis, a world war, a global economic collapse, and a transnational fascist police state are threatening to destroy the social and political fabric of Western civilization.

This is the greatest political crisis that the West has ever faced. Government leaders are walking on pins and needles, hoping to avoid a transnational political revolution against the international banks that defrauded American taxpayers and the taxpayers of other nations.

Financial and political analysts such as Gerald Celente, Paul Craig Roberts, Lew Rockwell, Max Keiser, Alex Jones, and many others predict that there will be vast political and social changes in the near future. Such sweeping changes will be the natural consequence of the 21st century intellectual revolution which has deconstructed totalitarian myths and narratives.

Most people realize that the global war on terror and global warming myths have been created for the purposes of mass manipulation and political control of the world. The shameless power-seekers in government and the corporate world can only maintain the credibility of these civilizational myths by enforcing widespread political censorship, which is impossible in the Age of the Internet.

So far, very few political leaders have emerged to speak for the global political awakening and spearhead the global political and monetary revolution. The man who has been carrying the torch for the longest time and has the greatest amount of political energy behind him is Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is no longer a lone voice in the political wilderness. He is not a lion without a pride in these dark days. He is not fighting the good fight alone in an empty room anymore. Ron Paul is now a shepherd who is leading millions of politically aware individuals in America and around the world out of the dark woods of economic ignorance and political tyranny.

The rise of Ron Paul is a great American success story. Throughout his political and medical career, Dr. Paul has lived the philosophy of the dark horse. Steady in stride, and determined in mission, the dark horse is the political world's most noble creature. The Spirit of Endurance sets apart the dark horse from the rest of the field.

Ron Paul is clearly leaving the competition behind in the 2012 Republican presidential race. Dr. Paul has won the hearts and minds of the nation and of the world by the sheer force of his independent will and the integrity of his arguments. Dr. Paul's plan to reconstruct America's foreign policy and financial infrastructure based on constitutional principles has caught on like wildfire with the American people.

But the established system of fraud and war is resisting Ron Paul's rise with: fraud and war.

The frightened GOP establishment and state-run mass media are using fraudulent means to contain the fire of freedom that Ron Paul has started, while picking an unnecessary fight with Iran to boost Obama's weak leadership credentials during an election year.

On Wednesday, February 22, Infowars.com published one of the most important articles in this election season entitled, "Ron Paul Is Being Cheated Out of the Republican Nomination." Paul Joseph Watson wrote:
"Despite his runaway success in terms of straw poll victories, campaign contributions and grass roots energy, a plethora of evidence strongly indicates that Ron Paul is being cheated out of winning any of the Republican caucuses, with the GOP establishment desperate to prevent the Texan Congressman from building any kind of momentum that the likes of Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have been afforded."
The Establishment's conspiracy against Ron Paul is a conspiracy against the American voter and the American taxpayer. Only Ron Paul represents the interests of the American people and the American nation. Every other political leader in the 2012 presidential race, including Barack Obama, represents the interests of the cannibalistic American ruling class and international banking cartel.

The war criminals and banksters want to put this dark horse back in the stable and put out the undying fire of liberty once and for all, with blood if necessary. The point has not yet been reached in this political drama where the "assassination option," will be used against Dr. Paul. But a CIA hitman and a Mossad hitman are waiting on standby, ready for the call. Be sure of it.

So far, the extreme measure of assassination has not been taken against Dr. Paul by the power elite because it has not been necessary. Instead, the political vampires are using election fraud, smear attacks, psychological propaganda, and media suppression to limit the spread of Ron Paul's ideas, popularity, and political influence.

Such desperate political tricks by a desperate establishment may work, but it will probably backfire severely and expose the reality that the Emperor is a naked beast with cruise missiles for teeth.

It all depends on how the American people react to the truth that the 2012 presidential race has been rigged against Dr. Paul from the very beginning.

There is substantial proof that Dr. Paul won Iowa, Maine, and possibly other states as well. The Santorum surge was invented from scratch. The Gingrich surge was much ado about nothing. Basically, the whole election is a hoax and a farce. And the American people are the butt of the joke.

The only candidate besides Dr. Paul who has any grassroots support is Mitt Romney, but this horse simply has no drawing power. His top speed is 25 mph. Paul is cruising to victory at 180 mph, but the course and the rules are being changed in the middle of the race to favour his slower opponents. Every time Dr. Paul closes in on the finish line ahead of everyone else, the GOP Establishment pulls out all the stops to make it appear that he finished in last place.

But appearances are deceiving.

Ron Paul is a dark horse with wings in a company of pigs who have no wings and no love for the American people.

Ron Paul is a leader of men and the pride of America. Those who insult, slander, belittle, and degrade such a great man should be ashamed of themselves.

It does not matter if Dr. Paul is not President in 2013. His victory and legacy will be fully realized a generation from now, when the young individuals he has influenced, instructed, and inspired enter political life in their respective countries.