February 21, 2012

Al-Qaeda Is America's MEK In Syria And Everywhere Else

What the Mossad and terrorist group MEK are doing together inside Iran is the same thing that the CIA and terrorist group Al-Qaeda are doing together inside Syria: blowing stuff up and causing problems.

Al-Qaeda was allowed to penetrate Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria by the CIA-MI6-Mossad axis of evil to create the necessary chaos that would make regime change the only desirable outcome in these countries. It worked in Afghanistan and Libya, and it will probably work in Syria, too. Let's face it: Syria is every conqueror's dream. It is a weak and disunited society with bad leadership. And this is true for the entire Middle East with the exception of Iran.

After Syria the Great Satan will turn his sights on Iran. The war propagandists in Washington are desperately trying to tie Al-Qaeda to Iran in order to create a justification to change the regime there.

II. The West, Saudi Arabia, And Israel Are Supporting The Forces of Sabotage, Sedition, And Terrorism In The Middle East

Destabilization is the name of the game in the Middle East. As many others have already pointed out, a radical strain of Sunni Islam is the Trojan Horse that the CIA, MI6, Mossad, and Saudi Intelligence have used to conquer country after country.

Islamic radical thugs such as Al-Qaeda terrorists are given weapons and money to carry out deadly terrorist operations against government officials and innocent civilians in anti-NWO/Zionist countries. This means Syria is a victim, and it has a right to defend itself against the West and Israel.

The bloodshed that the U.S., NATO, Saudi Arabia, and Israel are causing in Syria will backfire against these powers. What they are creating in Syria is a destabilized political and social environment in which innocent people will die in the tens of thousands.

"I am against putting weapons in and aiding the anti-Assad resistance because an all-out war there could be a disaster which leaves a failed state in Syria," said Patrick Buchanan on Russia Today.

III. Destroying U.S. National Security Orthodoxy And The Heart of The Rationale For The War on Terror

President George W. Bush sold the war on terror by saying that America must go over there so that the terrorists don't come over here. "We're fighting them there, so we don't have to fight them here," he said.

But who exactly is America fighting in Afghanistan and the Middle East?

The answer: Its own shadow.

The CIA created Al-Qaeda to serve as the demonic shadow to the angelic American Sun, the U.S. Empire.

Al-Qaeda is more than a mere boogeyman. It is a psychological trip wire that even anti-war activists fall over.

The rank and file in liberal anti-war groups don't realize that the CIA and the Pentagon are in the shadow-creating and shadow-destroying business, and perform no national security function in any real sense.

The problem that the military-industrial-bankster complex faced after the end of the Cold War was the reality of non-threats. America has had no real national security threats since 1991. And even the threat of the Soviet Union was exaggerated to appear larger than it really was to justify the transfer of hundreds of billions of dollars from government programs such as education, health care, and social security to fund the U.S. National Security State's expensive toys and games.

Before the false flag September 11 attacks America was a Beast without the Beauty. And that made the Beast very, very angry because he had no one to play with and no one to tease and kill.

When Osama Bin Laden came along on that beautiful day in September, he rescued the U.S. Empire. It was a match made in heaven. The shadow governments in Washington and Tel Aviv were relieved. Wolfowitz, Perle, Rumsfeld, and Cheney were dancing like mad children in the Oval Office on September 11. The orgy of war and destruction could begin again. Satan was singing Hallelujah.

But not everything went as smoothly as planned in the 9/11 shadow operation. There were a few major glitches like Building 7.

IV. Totalitarian Prerogatives: 9/11, Iran, And The Power To Determine Facts And Threats
Definition of Prerogative: "The exclusive right and power to command, decide, rule, or judge."
Western totalitarianism, and specifically American totalitarianism, grew naturally out of World War I and World War II. Government by consent of the governed cannot survive in a war environment. President John F. Kennedy knew this and tried to put an end to the Cold War, but he was killed on a ritual stage in the public square by the CIA's totalitarian controllers.

JFK was killed in a way that made it clear who was in charge in America. The crooks drew a red line in the sands of time with the blood of King Kennedy, and warned any future President against stopping the empire's fraudulent and cynical wars.

To even think about ending "endless war" and the demonic machine that pays for it, the private Federal Reserve, makes you the enemy in America.

So the wars will continue.

After invading Iraq and Afghanistan, America is onto the next one: Persia.

Despite all the rhetoric that is coming out of Washington and Tel Aviv, the only thing that Iran has in common with Al-Qaeda is that neither has ever been a threat to America or attacked America.

Iran is a manufactured enemy, and the new scapegoat. Iran can be America's best friend in the Middle East, but the criminal murderers in Washington and Israel desire war more than peace and hatred more than friendship.

Last month, I wrote an article called, "Iran's Soft Power Strategy: Why Iran Does Not Want A Nuclear Weapon," that included real analysis by real Iranian experts such as Hillary Mann Leverett and Trita Parsi.

Parsi, an author of two books on U.S.-Iranian relations, says that Iran does not want a bomb because that would trigger a nuclear arms race in the region which is against Iran's strategic and national interests.

Parsi says that in a Middle East in which every nation has a nuclear bomb regional powers like Egypt and Iran will lose, and smaller powers like Kuwait will benefit. So why would Iran damage its own natural strategic superiority by creating a situation that reduces its influence and power?

The claim that the Ayatollahs want the bomb because they want to wipe Israel off the map does not make any sense. It is absurd war propaganda.

The only conclusion that can be drawn from this analysis is that Iran will never build a nuclear bomb, probably not even when it is attacked by Israel and the United States.

Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei often says that the era of nuclear weapons is over, and that Iran does not want a bomb because it is of no use to Iran. He is telling the truth.

Only nations that want to threaten other nations and have their way with the world love nuclear bombs. Two nations come to mind: America and Israel.

As Pat Buchanan told Russia Today, Israel has 300 nukes, and Iran has zero. So how can Iran be a threat to the world when it has no nuclear weapons while Israel is free to stockpile 300 nukes and start a new war against an innocent neighbour every five years?

It is obvious that Israel and a hijacked America are the real existential threats to the Middle East and the world.