January 4, 2012

Satan is Crazy (Or Why USrael Will Attack Iran)

The state terrorists in Washington and Tel Aviv said they wanted a second Pearl Harbor attack in America so they could launch their imperial wars in the Middle East. And they got one on September 11, 2001.

They said they were going to attack Afghanistan in response to 9/11. And they did.

They said Iraq was a threat to the world and an invasion was the only option. They got their way again, and Iraq was invaded.

They said they were going to take out Libya and Syria. So far, one down, and one to go.

There is an obvious trend here that only the permanent brain-dead don't see.

The war criminals and mass murderers in Washington and Tel Aviv first say what they are going to do in public policy documents, government legislation, and newspaper articles, and then they do it. Their conspiracy to wage war for power and money is openly declared, both in words and in actions.

Those who are responsible for the 9/11 attacks, and the war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, are not hiding from the public. On the contrary, they have appeared regularly on the television screen for the past decade, sticking it in the public's face and having a good time doing it.

This state of affairs is so unbelievable to the gullible public and the cowardly press because it is just so crazy and out of this world. There are no words for evil on this scale. It takes balls the size of Jupiter for a President and a Vice President to criminally murder your own people, and then stand on the ashes of your victims like heroes coming to the defense of your country.

It is just so mind-boggling and bewildering.

What kind of human beings can perform such heinous and evil acts, and what kind of philosophy motivates their political decisions? The short answer is psychopaths and satanists who defend their wicked actions as policy makers and political leaders as necessary for "reason of state."

9/11 is proof that cold-blooded psychopaths and satanists rule America. This is beyond dispute.

The statement that America is the "Great Satan" is not absurd Iranian propaganda and Islamic myth-making. It actually holds weight, sorry to say.

But that characterization is only part right. It is not America who is the Great Satan, but the mind controllers of America who have hijacked America's name and used the productivity of its brave people to destroy the world and create a tyrannical new world order. They praise state power and worship Satan rather than praise human love and worship God.

These evil manipulators and controllers are holding down America and want to destroy America even more than the clueless and stupid Islamic Jihadists.

The best way to destroy America is by starting a catastrophic and criminal world war on America's account.

And this brings us to Iran.

There is a common belief that the rulers of America are not irrational or foolish enough to attack Iran and turn the Middle East into pure hell. This is a stupid and wrong belief. It should never be forgotten that the current rulers of America don't have America's best interests at heart. They are anti-American scum.

They want to get America involved in another disastrous war because an all-out war between America and Iran is a necessary step towards fulfilling their dark agenda: the political implementation of a corporate world state in the name of world peace and global security.

The main goal for starting a third world war is not to defeat Iran and preserve American hegemony, but to completely destroy America and all national sovereignty. The state terrorists need a life-altering world war--and millions of innocent victims--before they can sell their authoritarian global government to a world overturned by chaos and wrecked by apocalyptic violence and economic catastrophe.

Whenever people say this conspiracy theory is too crazy to be true, respond with this truism: Satan is crazy.

Devilish tyrants like Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Netanyahu, Barak, and Obama don't beat their chests like wild apes and make threats that they have no intention of carrying out. They are not mere politicians gone mad. They are fallen angels of destruction and clever agents of evil.

Never underestimate tyrants, and never underestimate Satan.

The serpents in Washington and Tel Aviv know what they're doing. They're smart, they're ruthless, and they don't bluff. If they say they will attack Iran, they will.