December 14, 2011

The Global War on Terror Is A 21st Century Witch Hunt

"terrorism itself is only a gigantic special effect." - Jean Baudrillard, as quoted in 'Waging terror: The geopolitics of the real' by Stephen H. Jones and David B. Clarke. (1).

"This terrorist violence is not "real". It is worse in a way: it is symbolic. Violence in itself can be perfectly banal and innocuous. Only symbolic violence generates singularity. And in this singular event, in this disaster movie of Manhattan, the two elements that fascinate 20th century masses are joined: the white magic of movies and the black magic of terrorism." - Baudrillard, 'The Spirit of Terrorism.' (2).
On September 30, 2011, Paul Craig Roberts, the former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration and former editor for the Wall Street Journal, raised the question "Is The War On Terror A Hoax?" Roberts wrote:
"In the past decade, Washington has killed, maimed, dislocated, and made widows and orphans millions of Muslims in six countries, all in the name of the “war on terror.” Washington’s attacks on the countries constitute naked aggression and impact primarily civilian populations and infrastructure and, thereby, constitute war crimes under law. Nazis were executed precisely for what Washington is doing today."
According to the CIA and U.S. military leaders, there are less than 100 al-Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan. They should know because they created the terrorist organization and gave it a name.

If it wasn't for the handiwork of the shadow CIA, nobody would have heard of al-Qaeda. The American deep state recruited, trained and funded al-Qaeda terrorists which they used in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union, in America against the American people, in Libya against Gaddafi, and now in Syria against the current regime.

Over the years, al-Qaeda terrorists have become the shadow CIA's perfect fall guys for acts of state terror. Most of these terrorists are mentally retarded, clueless, and unemployed young men.

But the shadow CIA is not picky when it comes to choosing terrorists to destabilize and sabotage unfriendly regimes, and convince the American people that America is threatened by terrorism. From the point of view of Langley, stupid beasts should be utilized wherever and for whatever purposes, no matter how evil and criminal.

On September 11, 2001, the shadow CIA and shadow Mossad implemented their long-term plan to spread terror into the hearts of the American people and the people of the world. They took care of all the behind-the-scenes operations, financing, and logistics to make the 9/11 attacks happen, but what they needed most was a global Islamic brand. Al-Qaeda was the perfect choice.

In order to make the people of free democratic nations submit to the authoritarian and surveillance designs of Washington's fascist globalization agenda, policymakers needed a Big Bad Wolf to menace the minds of residents of the new global village. Al-Qaeda terrorists embodied the enemy role and enabled the real terrorists in the shadow CIA, shadow Mossad, and shadow MI6 to get away with murder.

The prisoners of the mass media and the totalitarian state believe al-Qaeda is a real entity and that the war on terror is a legitimate war. These children also believe Santa Claus is coming to their house on midnight this Christmas. In their childish minds, giving up their rights to the state will make them safe, and leaving out milk and cookies will make Santa Claus happy.

How can people be so dumb? How can they be fooled again and again? That's like asking how can the sun be so hot? Some facts are just facts. The sun is hot, and people are dumb.

Mankind has been fooled throughout its existence. Over the centuries, all societies have come under the dominion of power-mad cult leaders whose mass brainwashing campaigns make Jim Jones look like a boy scout in the woods.

Authoritarian societies, like the ones in America and Iran, are held together through cult worship of the State and political messiahs. Khomeini and Reagan, two political messiahs of the modern age, and two very good actors, both knew how to manipulate the poor masses of their countries and take power for themselves in the name of patriotism.

It is not really hard for soulless rulers to make the people believe a version of reality and history that is patently false. It is truly the norm for " The People" to readily fall for big lies and follow destroyers and traitors who they believe are their saviors and defenders.

There is a stupid belief held by 9/11 truth deniers that the American government didn't kill 3,000 American citizens on 9/11 because American leaders are not evil enough to plan the mass murder of innocent civilians. According to these idiots, America is a free society with a free press. They believe in "government incompetence," not in "systematic evil," because they think evil people hide in the shadows and like to avoid the critical inspection of society.

The passive and gullible sheep-minded fools don't like to believe that the most evil people on the planet do their work out in the open in front of millions of people, like Hitler, Stalin, Khomeini, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush II, Cheney, Gingrich, Obama, Bibi Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, etc. These actors of history and world statesmen are basically demonic cult leaders. People who hang on their every word think that life would be better if they follow such leaders and that it is a heresy to question the basic premises of their policies.

But some of us know better because we remember history. We remember that Hitler was applauded and Stalin was loved. And we know that blind obedience is what makes free societies commit suicide.

We know that Bush and Obama have led what can only be called a 21st century witch hunt against terrorists. Their mastery of the fragile American psyche is nothing new. American history is filled with examples of leaders who identify some evil beyond the bounds of civilization and law in order to scare the people and acquire greater power and privileges for themselves.

The two biggest historical examples are the Salem Witch Hunt in the late 17th century and the Communist Hunt in the 20th century. Witches and communists were viewed as agents of evil who needed to be hunted down and killed. Due process of law does not apply to "agents of evil," and subversive traitors.

In the 21st century, terrorists have replaced witches and communists as the embodiment of evil which the totalitarian State must destroy to defend the security and sanity of the people.

It is the honorable and holy job of CIA, MI6, and Mossad hunters to demonize the innocent civilians and resistance fighters of the countries they invade and occupy as "terrorists" and then kill them.

If terrorists weren't invented then the CIA, MI6, and Mossad would be out of work. And the military-industrial complex would be obsolete.

What would four-star generals do in a world without evil, terrorism, and national security threats? Can you imagine these people playing golf all week? I'm sure most of them would blow their brains out because they would be essentially useless to society and their stars would mean nothing.

So, to prevent the dramatic transformation of the present system of militarism and corporatism, we all have to play make-believe and pretend that there are evil terrorists out there, in the wild forests of the unknown, beyond the realm of civilization, who want to kill us and burn down our cities.

In the early 1990s, around the 300th anniversary of the Salem witch trials, American playwright Arthur Miller explained the moral, cultural, and political justifications of the Salem witch trials in an interview and warned that such an epic disaster of human judgment can be repeated in our own age. Miller said:
"I was at Salem six months ago or so because they were unveiling the model of a monument. They finally, after three hundred years, they got around to making a monument to the dead. And I had a press conference there, and these were people from all the big newspapers and wire services. And I realized in talking to them that they kept referring to them as witches. The idea being that you shouldn't hang witches, shouldn't kill witches, presumably you should I don't know what, put them in jail or exorcise them, and I said, 'hey, wait a minute, these people weren't witches.' There was dead silence. I said, 'these were innocent political victims of a manufactured holocaust.'

Well, I can't tell you the dislocation of the mind that occurred. And one woman, from the Boston Globe, the reporter said, 'but you mean there was no evil among them?'

So, you see, this is not a phenomenon from 1692 or 1952 or anything like it. It is right now.

The objection that there were no witches, but there were communists - I would only recommend that somebody who believes that or says that should go back to 1692, stand in the public square of Salem, Massachusetts, and say, 'you know, there are no witches.' He'd be dead. Quick.

There were witches. They were everywhere. Everybody knew that if you were a Christian. You knew there were witches because it said so in the bible. And Saul said, 'thou shalt not suffer a witch to live,' meaning, you kill him. And they can't kill them if there are none. I mean, it's ridiculous. This whole thing is an ahistorical remark, it has nothing to do with the truth.

And I could develop a campaign tomorrow morning in this country, probably in a number of other countries, which would be based upon the idea that we are being invaded by weird, strange spirits from underground who have in their power certain number of people who are going to get you if you don't watch out." - American playwright Arthur Miller. The quote is from an interview in the early 1990s. Watch it here. (7:50 in part 1 - 00:45 in part 2). (3).
Miller said that he wrote the award-winning play 'The Crucible' in 1952 about the Salem witch trials in the context of the anti-Communism hysteria of the 1950s which was turning everybody in America crazy. Miller also discussed his experience in Congress and federal court, saying:
"You were told if anybody you knew had been a left-winger or communist and you went home. . . . The farce was too much to stomach. So I had to go through a federal trial and was found guilty of contempt of Congress for refusing to answer some questions. So I wrote 'The Crucible.' That took place of course in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. And the reason I think that I moved in that direction was that it was simply impossible any longer to discuss what was happening to us in contemporary terms. There had to be some distance given to the phenomena.

We were all going slightly crazy trying to be honest and trying to see straight and trying to be safe. The hysteria in Salem had a certain inner procedure or several which we were duplicating once again, and that perhaps by revealing the nature of that procedure some light could be thrown on what we were doing to ourselves. And that's how that play came to be." (0:00 - 1:48 in part 1).
The masters of terror and mind control in the American deep state and shadow Mossad, as well as American, Israeli, and Western politicians understood the nature of the procedure that Miller alluded to. They created global mass hysteria after the 9/11 attacks about the threat of radical Islamic terrorists, and terrorism in general.

Since 9/11, the basic message on the lips of every politician, in every newspaper article, and on every cable news channel is: "We are at war. The Islamists are invading the West. Give up your rights slaves and you'll be safe or else the terrorists will strike again and kill us all." It sure as hell worked.

So many innocent villagers in Afghanistan have been mislabeled as "terrorists" and tortured to death, or killed on the spot. If you are a CIA official or American soldier working in Afghanistan you have the easiest job in the world. If you kill innocent civilians you just have to say they were terrorists or aiding terrorists, and voila, problem solved. No proof is necessary. It's like magic. The terrorist label is heaven-sent for evil politicians, treacherous spies, and military beasts in every totalitarian state on the planet.

In the interview, Miller talked about the abuse of political power in periods of mass hysteria and mass paranoia, saying:
"It is a play about power. The play is basically about the misuse of power. . . See, power can't operate that way unless there's paranoia. Power is going to defend you against the enemy. If you don't believe in the enemy then you don't believe in the power.

So the primary object of the politicians in these cases is to scare the daylights out of the people, which is what we've been living through for a good number of years now." - Arthur Miller (6:15 - 7:03 in part three of the interview).
The politics of crazy defines our age. People are misled by power-mad lunatics in Israel, Iran, America, England, France, and many other countries.

Politicians and the beasts of war want us all to forget logic, human reason, truth, history, compassion and common sense.

American tyrants want the American people to forget their own history and bomb the Iraqis/Afghans/Palestinians/Persians/Terrorists to the point of annihilation.

Islamic tyrants want Muslims to forget their historic relationship with Jews and push the Jews to the bottom of the sea.

Iranian tyrants want the Iranian people to forget forgiveness and burn the American flag and scream "Death to America," like a bunch of maniacs.

Jewish tyrants want the Jews to forget morality and sanity and kill the Arabs and Persians.

In the world of the small-minded and blind fools, Witches, Communists, Islamists, Capitalists, and Terrorists are all EVIL.

The priests of the church/mullahs of the mosque tell their blind flock: Burn the witches! Burn the secularists!

The priests of the communist state tell their blind flock: Burn the capitalists!

The priests of the U.S. national security state tell their blind flock: Burn the Islamists and Communists! Burn the radical left! And the radical right! Burn the militia! Burn all domestic terrorists!

How about NO!

How about we stop demonizing and burning people because of what they believe, and who they are. How about justice and peace? How about we actually start a dialogue with people we disagree with. Does that sound like a good idea or is it too idealistic?

How about we stop listening to politicians, the government, and the media? Is that too radical for us monkeys? Can commie liberals sit down with right-wing capitalists? Can U.S. diplomats sit down with Iranian diplomats? Can Israelis make peace with Palestinians and become human again? Can we all stop acting like children fighting over who gets control of the sandbox and evolve? Is that too much to ask of the human race? Or are we doomed to destroy ourselves and kill each other for no good reason?

The truth is that millions of innocent souls will be killed by the time the USraeli global war on terror comes to an end, if it ever does. And many Americans will be counted among the dead because more false flag terrorist attacks by the Zionists and American deep state are in the pipeline.

But Bush, Cheney, Obama, Netanyahu, and the soulless snakes of the mass media say don't worry because the victims of this evil war are all "terrorists."


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