December 23, 2011

Forget The American Drone In Iran, What About The Alien Drone In America?

Winter 2011:
Iran gains possession of a high-tech U.S. stealth aircraft that was spying on Iran for military and intelligence purposes. The Iranian government says the capture of the drone will provide it with new knowledge of America's military technology, and enhance its prestige.

Summer 1947: America gains possession of an advanced alien aircraft that was spying on America and the Earth for intelligence purposes. To this day, the American government denies that it captured the alien drone and that it possesses knowledge of its otherworldly technology.

If the American government releases evidence that Earth has been visited by higher alien civilizations, and that it has acquired the advanced technology of its aircraft, then America's prestige and reputation will skyrocket back to post-WWII levels.

In the eyes of the Islamic world, America will change from the Great Satan that destroys the world to the Merciful God that brings peace, freedom, and prosperity to the world.

The people of the world are ready and prepared to know that humanity is not alone, and that we have to share this planet with other beings. Our governments are run by spoiled children, but the people are not spoiled children.

Watch the award-winning documentary by New Paradigm Films called "The Day Before Disclosure," directed by Norwegian filmmaker Terje Toftenes. The film contains many high-quality interviews with UFO/ET researchers, authors, activists, and whistleblowers, such as historian Richard Dolan, astronaut Edgar Mitchell, political reformer Stephen Bassett, ufologist Stanton T. Friedman, and many more. They all call for the immediate disclosure of UFO evidence by the American government.

The Day Before Disclosure - Part 1/7: