November 13, 2011

The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade By Andrew Feinstein

"The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade," by Andrew Feinstein.

Andrew Feinsten is a former South African Member of Parliament. Wikipedia:
A member of the African National Congress, his political life began when he served as an advisor to Gauteng's then-MEC of Finance, Jabu Moleketi, from 1994 to 1996. He also worked as an economic advisor to then-premier Tokyo Sexwale. He was elected as a member of the South African Parliament's lower house in 1997.

During his time in office, he served as chair of its study group on public accounts and ANC's official spokesman on the National Assembly's public accounts committee. Feinstein was at the time referred to as "one of its most vocal and talented MPs", who argued that a thorough investigation into the South African Arms Deal had to be done. However, he resigned in 2001 when the ANC refused to launch an investigation into the matter.

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