November 24, 2011

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Iranian Bomb

All the evidence suggests that Iran does not have a nuclear bomb.

But what if it did have a bomb. So what? Israel has 400 nukes. And America's nuclear stockpile is large enough to destroy every city on Earth.

Call me a fan of the bomb. The democratization of nuclear weapons is a good development in international affairs. We should support the self-defense of all nations, including Israel and Iran. An equal playing field is better than wars that are heavily tilted towards one side.

Nuclear-armed states will cause a stalemate in the Middle East and pressure governments to resolve political problems diplomatically instead of acting with hostility and hatred towards each other.

Right now, the political conservation about Iran is filled with paranoia, disinformation, lies, propaganda, radicalism, and fear-mongering.

We need truth, common sense, and reason to prevail in America, the West and the Middle East.

Below, I list four reasons why a nuclear Iran does not mark the end of the world, but the beginning of a new peaceful and positive era in the Middle East with a return to the balance of powers. I think America and Iran can be very good friends and this partnership will benefit both countries. The people of America and Iran must demand that their governments stop using negative rhetoric against each other, and form a new economic, strategic and political alliance in the region.

Reason #1. Iran is not controlled by irrational suicidal Jihadists who want to blow up Israel, but by rational actors who are pursuing rational goals.

The other day I heard a U.S. politician saying that the international community should treat Iran like Al-Qaeda. This is so stupid and backward. The only thing in common that Al-Qaeda and the Islamic Republic of Iran have in common is that they are both creations of the shadow CIA and MI6. But the similarities end there.

Why would the political, religious and military elite in Iran attack Israel with a nuclear bomb and bring destruction upon themselves? Let's step back and think for a minute. No government is this irrational and self-destructive.

Reason #2. Once every nation has a nuclear bomb no nation can say it is superior and mightier than another. Threats against other states will cease because when the opposing side has the same weapon as you, mutual self-destruction will become an imminent reality. In such a state of affairs, war will finally be exposed for what it is: stupid, destructive, and insane.

Israel, India and Pakistan have a nuclear bomb. What's so scary about another country getting it? Iraq and Afghanistan didn't have any nukes, and they got bombed and invaded. So it is more scary to not have a nuclear bomb than to have a nuclear bomb.

From Iran's perspective, getting a bomb means stopping a war. I agree with that. If nuclear bombs stop aggressive nations like Israel and America from attacking other nations, then let all nations have it. Let Taiwan get a nuke. Let Chile have one. Let's all have nuclear bombs and point them at each other. What happens then?

I think mankind will come to its senses and say to itself: "Hey, we all share one planet and we have an interconnected economy. So let's not be stupid monkeys and actually use these nukes against each other. Let's talk because that is what intelligent human beings do. Let's come together and destroy our nuclear weapon systems."

If that doesn't happen, then the nightmare scenario might come to fruition: Israel bombs Iran. Iran makes a bomb and hits Israel. America and Israel bomb Iran to the point of annihilation.

Result: Israel and Persia, two great civilizations, are ruined and destroyed.

Nobody wants to see that besides a few radical freaks in Israel and Iran, and a few thousand psychopathic men in the West who love destruction and war profiteering.

Hopefully we'll all see how stupid war is, and stop making bombs. A whole new economy might develop in America, and the banking-military-industrial-congressional complex might finally go out of business.

Reason #3. Iran has not invaded another nation under false pretenses or committed terrorist acts against other states.

America and Israel are the two most aggressive nations in the world because they have never felt real economic and spiritual pain in modern warfare. The wars against Vietnam and Iraq by bankster occupied America, and the war against Gaza by Israel were mass murder campaigns, not real wars.

Palestinians know the pain of aerial bombing and chemical weapons, as do Lebanese, Iraqis, Afghans, Iranians, Russians, Japanese, and Europeans.

Right now, a real state of war does not exist in Israel, America, and the West.

The West is not at war against terrorism or Radical Islam.

Radical Islamists pose zero threat to America, Israel and Western civilization.

A terrorist attack here and there, all of them staged by Western intelligence agencies, does not mean the West is in a life and death struggle with an external enemy. To say that Israel and America are at war with Radical Islam is an act of imagination, not a statement of fact.

The war on terrorism is a false and manufactured war. The two biggest terrorist attacks in the West, 9/11 and 7/7, were done by Western shadow governments with the help of Israel.

Reason #4. An Iranian bomb will make Israel less belligerent and disrespectful towards Iran. It will also force Israeli leaders to stop their fear-mongering and address more pressing matters like the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and economic inequality in Israel.