October 23, 2011

Israel And America Declare Total War on Persia

These are dangerous times.

The state terrorist regimes in Israel, Saudi Arabia and Washington are madly pushing for world war three in the Middle East. If fought to the very end, this war will bring down many nations. Israel, America, and Iran will all be destroyed.

America will fall for economic reasons, and Israel and Iran will trade blows with each other until they both collapse. At that point, when all nations are bleeding on their knees, a new global authoritarian government, wielding the sword of world peace, will cut off their heads with one stroke. The flag of a new age will then be planted on the ruins of both Western civilization and Islamic civilization.

If you've been anticipating Armageddon your whole life, then stop anticipating and start preparing for what's ahead. The real thing will be upon us soon. Our mad leaders and the establishment media are dragging us all to hell, down the hill of lies. And there's no coming back.

How is this being done? How is public opinion being manufactured for a new war? We have a better sense of what's happening this time because the build-up to the Iraq War still remains fresh in our minds.

The biggest thing to notice is that new bullet points in the psychological war are being pumped daily into the global public mind by Israel, Washington, and Saudi Arabia.

Here are some of the key bullet points:
#1: "Iran aimed to assassinate an American ally on American soil."
#2: "America and Israel must act or the regime will grow bolder."
#3: "The Iranian government is crazy. It does not want peace. It has been at war with America since 1979."
#4: "Israel has no choice but to defend itself and prevent a nuclear holocaust."
#5: "President Obama cannot chicken out and allow Iran to take control of Iraq, murder American allies, and kill American troops."
Also, old history is being rewritten and new history is being created out of thin air. Washington's destruction of Iraq is being judged a success, while the war criminals behind the scenes are busy inventing new excuses to attack the next country on the Neocon/Israeli hit list: Iran.

And they're sticking with the same formula that worked last time: accuse and slander Iran, censor skepticism and facts in the Western press, call for retaliation against Iran, denounce pro-peace voices as friends of the Ayatollahs, invent as many propaganda stories as possible, and finally attack Iran in the name of defending civilization against savagery, terrorism and religious fanaticism.

The claim that the Iranian government sought to assassinate Saudi Arabia's ambassador in Washington is absurd on its face. But no more absurd than the claim that Al-Qaeda was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Or that Iraq possessed WMDs when it did not. The evidence about the 9/11 attacks points towards the shadow Mossad and shadow CIA.

All these lies come to life after being repeated a thousand times by dishonest government officials and their lieutenants and foot soldiers in the media.

Roasting the public mind is like roasting a pig over an open fire. The heat of propaganda must be consistently applied to the public mind over a closed fire of myths until it is completely cooked. Then it is ready to be carved up and eaten by the wolves of war.

Government officials and propagandists who are pushing for war with Iran have to be forceful and direct. The party line must be maintained even if the party line is a joke. Showing weakness is a sin. Giving air time to dissenting opinions will get you lynched by the Zionists and Neocons. These lunatics are committed to starting a total war in the Middle East.

The purpose of the latest onslaught in the psychological war is to make America look good for war crimes that it committed in Iraq and Libya, and make Iran look bad for war crimes that it never committed and that are totally made up.

In the Washington Post, war criminal David Ignatius writes that fellow conspirator and war criminal Ahmed Chalabi, the neocons' choice for the saviour of Iraq, has "no regrets over pushing the U.S. into war with Iraq."

In the Wall Street Journal, war criminal Emanuele Ottolenghi says the Iranian government "should be made to pay a heavy price," for a crime that the U.S. government has no evidence that it committed or planned.

Former CIA analysts Paul R. Pillar and Ray McGovern are warning the American people and the world to not buy this madness again.

Dan Simpson, a former Foreign Service Officer and a columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, questions President Obama's motives in his article, "We don't need a war with Iran."

Maybe the Zionists, Globalists and Neocons will be punished for their transgressions against the law, and sanity will prevail. But that's unlikely.

Sanity will not prevail until the warmongers who spread lies on television and the print media are boldly confronted and charged with war crimes. Establishment journalists, pundits and broadcasters who use their public platform to repeat official lies and legitimize world war three must feel the wrath of people around the world.