October 12, 2011

10 Reasons Why America is Sitting on A Volcano of Social Discontent And Political Violence

1. A group of corrupt financial oligarchs, traitors and state terrorists hijacked the United States government and ripped apart the social contract between the American government and the American people. They illegally took control of America's banking system and tax policy in 1913 when they created a private banking monopoly called the Federal Reserve and sold it to the American people as a legitimate government institution.

But it wasn't until 1963 when they gained the White House and became the uncontested occupiers of America. It was game on after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy by the rogue elements that control the CIA and the National Security State.

The power and political legitimacy of these murderous traitors is built on lies, grand myths, Shakespearean tales of deceit, fear, and acts of state terror like the 9/11 attacks.

Consequently, there is no rule of law in America today. Due process of law does not exist. Elections are meaningless. Political change is not possible by electing people to office. Politicians are either intimidated by the organized power of the transnational oligarchy and too scared to do anything, or they want to serve it and benefit personally from it.

Upon coming into office, which by itself requires millions of dollars, politicians are bribed and blackmailed in order to keep them subservient to the system of corruption and deception. If methods like bribing and blackmailing fail to persuade them to join the dark side then they are disposed of by any number of means: jail, murder, or social ridicule.

For example, the defiant Congressman James Traficant was thrown in prison without any justifiable reason. Senator Paul Wellstone was most likely killed by the Bush cabal. And Congressman Ron Paul is ridiculed in the press despite the popularity of his message.

The men who work for change within the system are defeated, leaving few options for the American people to take back their country and restore the U.S. constitution.

All of this has the makings of a massive political upheaval in America and a potentially violent revolution.

2. There are a lot of readily available guns in America. The most well-armed groups, besides the military and police, can decide one day to take matters into their own hands and storm Washington to restore the Republic.

Obviously, the treasonous oligarchy understands the threat of allowing the American people to have guns. It is stupid to steal a country and then sit back as your victims arm themselves with revenge in their hearts and revolution on their minds. Millions of people without jobs and tons of ammo is not a sane or smart social policy. It is a recipe for self-destruction and national suicide.

And, of course, the treasonous oligarchy wants America to kill itself, whether through economic bankruptcy, a long civil war, or an intense world war with Iran. It is very likely that the new world order elite is planning on using all three scenarios to destroy America. They don't mind establishing their authoritarian global government upon millions of dead victims.

3. Alternative news sources on the internet has created an American political awakening. The information that is presented in the independent press challenges the prevailing myths and lies of official history and puts the entire U.S. government on trial. Unlike fifty years ago, the murderous traitors can't killed a hero like JFK and then manipulate the mass media to cover up the meaning of his death the next day.

The media situation in America is different today. The oligarchy can't get away with history-changing crimes like killing Kennedy and staging 9/11. Independent political commentators like Alex Jones, Max Keiser, and various other global voices can influence the hearts and minds of millions around the world.

There is a big comet of truth heading towards the dinosaur media, and it will collapse when it is finally struck by it.

4. The global economic crisis is creating an angry and aggressive generation. Young people know they have no jobs, no future, no political representation, and no hope. Don't underestimate the strength of the kids at Occupy Wall Street protests. They are not hippies. A lot of them are ready to bleed. They've seen countless acts of courage in Egypt and across the Middle East, and they don't want to be upstaged. History is moving in their veins, and they will make change.

Whether that change will be good or bad depends on their level of economic education, social intelligence and political sophistication.

5. The language and nature of the Occupy Wall Street movement will change dramatically once martial law is declared in America, and the police state begins to have its way with the American people. Millions of individuals will then realize how big a threat the technocratic police state poses to their rights and way of life. A lot of protesters will lose their sense of self-respect and hang up their protest posters in their room, fearing prolonged jail time, police beatings, and even death by cops and military.

But the violence by the police state will cause another type of reaction from the American people, one more aggressive and intelligent. State repression will add to the anger and resentment against the treasonous oligarchy and may even lead to counter violence against the brainwashed agents of the State. Hopefully that won't happen. But anything can come to pass. The protests that are happening right now is child's play compared to the political instability that will paralyze Wall Street and Washington in the future.

6. The flood of Mexican immigrants to America who are loyal to their own country and flag will add another layer to social and political violence in America. Many Mexicans are hard-working patriots who have high expectations of a better life and who want to make America their permanent home.

But there is an extremist "La Raza" faction that has a deep cultural memory of past conflicts between Mexico and America, and they will try to take advantage of social and political turmoil. This faction is funded and directed by the new world order globalist elite who want to cause as much chaos as possible so they can integrate Mexico, America and Canada into a single, despotic union.

7. Millions of people in America hate the one party dictatorship in Washington that has two factions: the democrats and the republicans. The military-industrial complex, the big Wall Street banks, the Federal Reserve cartel, and anti-competition corporations all love the one party system because they control the taxing and policy mechanisms which enables them to steal trillions of dollars from the American people.

As a result of this treason and corruption, anger at government is at an all time high in America. Many people are impatient of policy reforms and gradual changes. They want to bring the traitors and thieves to justice, and replace political corruption with the rule of law and an honest money system.

8. The complete collapse of the social order and the breakdown of modern industrial civilization is not a matter of if, but when. You think people are depressed and anxious now? Imagine present day society in a state of total despair.

The realization that our rights, interests and voices don't matter will lead individuals to commit violence against governments, banks and corporations. Soon, the terrorist new world elite won't have to stage terrorist attacks and announce fake terror plots on television because there will be recurrent terror attacks from both the left and the right.

9. There is a minority of mentally unbalanced individuals who know the frightening truth about 9/11 but don't have the emotional strength to deal with it in a rational way. They resort to lone wolf style attacks and target innocent civilians. These people have trouble getting over their shell shock of truth and react in psychopathic ways to organized state violence and deception.

The psychological stress of finding out that the world is entering a new tyrannical era in history can take its toll on ordinary people, but especially on people who are already mentally dysfunctional.

The combination of anger, depression, and anxiety with Big Pharma drugs can be very deadly and lead to acts of violence, either against oneself or other people.

Also, learning that the history you were told as a kid is not true and that your government is lying to you can create a severe psychic dislocation in an individual and may cause a withdrawal from society. For some people this change of the mind sets in too deeply, and it has a danger of becoming permanent.

I have experienced a lot of depression and anxiety since 2004 when I first woke up to the dark reality of our age. There was a time when I didn't liked to admit it. But now I'm starting to face it a little better.

It is good to be mindful of psychological changes within you and not be afraid. It takes a tremendous inner awareness to consciously use emotions like anger and fear to your advantage. But you can't let your anger at the traitors in power to overtake your divine spirit. Too much rage in the heart can turn into a cancer on the mind and soul that drains us of our creative and divine energy.

10. When a society's ruling elite abandons the rule of law and replaces it with jungle rule then that society is headed towards violence and destruction. That is the situation in America and the West.

Our governments and politicians repeatedly violate the rule of law and international law. They are waging a political, economic and philosophical war on the natural rights of individuals, freedom, and representative government by starting wars based on lies and going along with the cover-up of the false flag 9/11 attacks.

Our societies are not socially and politically stable because of the lawlessness at the top. Expect to also see lawlessness at the bottom as the economic crisis and political crisis unfolds. And this is not just true in America and the West, but throughout the world.

Elite criminality is a black plague on our planet. We do not live in a world of law, but a dog-eat-dog world, where people with means survive and people without any means are left to rot and die.

This state of decadence and barbarism will lead to more political violence, catastrophic wars, and mass death.